Plus new sustainability narratives, rainbow capitalism, an inclusive language tool for Slack, and more
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"Living up to your commitments is part of business ethics. My word is my bond."

—Isadore Sharp
A Few Good Links 👍
1. “Fighting the narrative war is a critical piece of any plan to change business.”

Narratives are powerful tools for creating change, and Raz Godelnik argues that we need to replace tired sustainability narratives with bolder visions if we want to truly tackle the climate crisis.

Top of his list for change is the dominant narrative that profit maximization comes first, and everything else comes second. He challenges us instead to consider a new narrative that puts sustainability first and everything else, profits included, second. 

Don’t panic—in this new narrative, we’re still allowed profit! And profit is still required for companies to succeed. But not only do money considerations get kicked out of top spot, it's also not enough to value economic, social and environmental factors equally, à la triple bottom line. Social and environmental criteria have to be met first and get top priority, full stop.

Raz also talks through four other narrative switches well worth reading and thinking about. 💡

2. Elliot For Water is an open source search engine that gives people access to safe drinking water while we go down internet rabbit holes instead of finishing that article due tomorrow… uh, just me? 🐇🕳️

3. Better Allies offers ideas for actions that everyone—not just folks with ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusion’ in their job titles—can take to create inclusive workplaces. Check out its books, weekly newsletter and other resources such as this inclusive language tool for Slack

4. Making fun of rainbow capitalism. 🏳️‍🌈 

5. "Ethics assumes networks of relationships. There is no one-person ethics that develops in the absence of any other human contact. This idea of empathy underpins everything when we talk about ethics.”

Here’s an interesting conversation between an ethical tech entrepreneur and two ethics scholars about what being ethical in business means and how to make it work.

They chat about the importance of reflecting on your actions, being empathetic, and building ethics into your business through hiring, training, culture and rewards. 

Note to self: “You’re not going to be right all the time, but you want to aim toward rightness.” 👌

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