Plus: the key to a meaningful life, science-based targets for climate action, impact investing and more
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A quick intro today, since I'm running out of Tuesday!

So I'm pausing this newsletter for a while. With the holidays coming up and a shiny new year on the horizon, it's a good opportunity to think about my goals for 2022 and where I can best spend my time. But to do that I need... time. 😄

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Until next time, be good (and a little bit bad)! ♥️

“The time is always right to do what is right."

—Martin Luther King, Jr.
A Few Good Links 👍
1. “What would it mean to spend the only time you ever get in a way that truly feels as though you are making it count?" Oliver Burkeman, author of Four Thousand Weeks, asks the big questions, and his conversation with Jenny Blake is a fab introduction to his latest book and thoughts on the key to a meaningful life.

2. Why the next big entrepreneur must come from climate tech.

3. B2B buyers care about meaning and values. They are humans, after all. This article from MarketingProfs explores how you can use content to take a stand on what matters to your business and industry and become—omg I hate this term—a thought leader.

4. Weekly news and resources about socially responsible investing in your inbox.

5. This free online course will help you set science-based targets (SBTs) for your company's climate action. It introduces the concept and benefits of SBTs as well as looking at the business case for them.
Good On Ya  👏
Kudos of the week goes to the Human Library, "where you borrow people instead of books and speak with them about their lives."

This really is such an interesting idea and I love how it's connecting people in a safe way. This article on the initiative is well worth the read.

(Is there a person, company or organization that you think deserves some kudos thrown their way? Hit 'reply' to nominate them!)

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Tweet: Happy anniversary to the stylish but illegal monkey found roaming Toronto Ikea. With photo of monkey in a beige puffy winter coat.
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