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Hi again 😊

Last week I asked what you do when you're feeling overwhelmed with, well, everything. Ironically, one reader's response pointed to a resource I'd considered including here last week. 

(Talk about being in sync!)

ITG reader Rachael shared how she uses Stephen Covey's circle of influence as a way to prioritize and sort through the issues that are overwhelming her. 

Covey's model is made up of two circles. The first is your circle of concern, full of things that you care about but don't have a lot of control over. The second circle, your circle of influence, is smaller and contains things where you're more likely able to make an impact.

I'm sure you see where this is going.

The trick, according to Covey, is to focus on your circle of influence and to take small, consistent actions in that circle. Focusing in this way increases your chances of being effective and also helps to keep negative feelings in check.

Try reframing some of the bigger issues in your circle of concern and how you can influence them, e.g. I can't stop global warming on my own but I can do X and Y to reduce my company's emissions.

It's almost like positive change is possible. 😹

Now let's get to the links!


P.S. I'll be enjoying an extra day off for (a vegetarian) Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so I'll be back in two weeks. 
"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."

—Albert Einstein
A Few Good Links 👍
1. Speaking (typing?) of positive change, Future Crunch, What Could Go Right? and Reasons to be Cheerful are three places I turn to for optimistic news on how people, business and government are making good changes in their circles of influence. 😉

2. And speaking of circles... I’ve mentioned Doughnut Economics in previous editions, and now here’s another way to learn more about this fascinating approach to a new economy. With these four free online lectures, you’ll learn about the core ideas of this model, how to do business in the doughnut, and how to put these ideas into action. 🍩

3. Venture capital, that holy grail of entrepreneurship, can be alluring but is it really the best option? 

Gesche Haas, the founder and CEO of Dreamers & Doers, realized that the “massive growth at all costs” required by investors would stop her from building the business she truly wanted.

Instead, she took a different approach—slow and steady—and has built Dreamers & Doers from its beginnings as a brunch with just one other woman to a thriving community of over 34,000 “extraordinary entrepreneurial women.”

In this video chat with the Community Club, Gesche shares how she built this successful and profitable community, including why a subscription model helps the business better serve their members and how they use their values to drive engagement. I really enjoyed this conversation. 👍

4. Can tech rentals solve the problem of electronic waste?  (Intriguing idea for a business.) 🗑️

5. “Daily actions matter more than big statements.”

Businesses small and large need to think about how they’ll create an inclusive workplace for their teams.

This article shares the experience of 12 women leaders working to meet the diverse needs of their teams and the benefits they’ve seen from doing so. Tips include leading by example, having those uncomfortable conversations and resisting perfectionism. 

And very cool—the women featured here are all members of Dreamers & Doers! 😻

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