This week: we ate all the toasties, cosy winter warmers and blooms to brighten your day.
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The Weekender
It's been difficult, as an ex-Durbanite, to sit in the shelter of my home in Cape Town and look on as the recent floods devastate my home town. As heartbreaking as it has been to watch the endless footage of collapsed bridges and landscapes torn apart by mudslides, it has been heartwarming to witness the speed with which the community around these areas have sprung into action to support those who have lost everything. Durban is renowned for its laid-back culture, but I think that the world needs to acknowledge a certain resilience in the spirit of the Durbanite. Through a pandemic, a rash of devastating riots, and now, natural disaster, Durbanites have maintained an irrepressible buoyancy. There are few other places in the world where locals endure the periodic appearance of stray crocodiles and pythons in urban centres with such a cheerful sense of humour. As we're coming up to a long weekend, I wish all the friends, family, and strangers who I left behind in Durban a period of rest and recovery. If my old city has proven anything, it's that its inhabitants are prepared to weather any storm. 

Happy Easter, folks! Here's hoping that The Weekender can bring a ray of sunshine into the end of a gloomy week. 

"There is a crack, a crack in everything 
That's how the light gets in." 
Leonard Cohen 

- Mia

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Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Spices 
Give your roasted veggies life!
plant mom/Plant Dad
Some people just love the taste of vegetables, and for those lucky souls eating well is easy. For the rest of us, we need to give vegetables a little zest. And, as it turns out, adding some spices to your roasted veggies not only makes them taste better, it makes them even healthier.  

The 8 Best Toasted Cheese in Ballito
Top Toasties you have to try!
Holistic psych
We all have those days where we just feel like a good ol’ toastie, maybe even with a side of fries, so we decided to dish out the deets on where you can find the best toasted sandwiches in Ballito. 
When last did you buy yourself flowers?
Breathe Magazine
It's dahlia season! These gorgeous geometric globes from Adene's flower farm are absolutely stunning. If you love brilliant bunches as much as we do, buy yourself some flowers today.
Van Comfy 
Winter is coming...
Shelf Love
Local clothing manufacturer Van Comfy are ready to outfit you for winter in some of your cosiest duds yet. Ethically sourced and hand made, these comfy clothes are made to last, and come in a wide range of colours to cheer up even the most gloomy winter day. 

The Moth
Real, true stories told live.
Any Given Sunday
The Moth is celebrating 25 years of true stories told live this year. If you're looking for a new podcast that will delight you, this is it. Find it wherever you like to listen to your podcasts by searching "The Moth".

pick of what we've been listening to and a read that's caught our eye.
Mating in captivity
Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

South African science fiction? You read that right! This fantastic novel by superstar local author Lauren Beukes follows the story of Zinzi December, a former journalist and drug addict with a special, magical skill for finding lost things. It’s set in an alternative version of Jo’burg where anyone who has committed a crime is magically endowed with an animal familiar, marking them forever as “zoos”. We follow Zinzi as she embarks on a twisting mission to find a lost member of a famous local pop duo. But will she survive the assignment?
Daddy Home
"Like I Used To" by Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen

We adore this sweeping, singable anthem from alt-pop dream team Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. Triumphant and full of feeling, it's a brilliant single from the new faces of the international rock scene.
WORTHY 5: Jodie Vermeulen
Five recommendations by fashion designer, business owner and creative director Lucia
Jodie Vermeulen
A piece of advice worth passing on:
“Stay in your lane”. I think in life it is easy to get consumed by what others are doing and what they are achieving and then doubt ourselves and our talents. It’s so important to try and focus wholeheartedly on what we do and what we believe in. We all have goals and some people might achieve them quicker than others but it doesn’t mean that because someone has done it quicker than you, it makes you less productive or less than. That’s why I strongly believe it’s so important to stay in your lane and focus on your journey. All we need to worry about is focusing on what is in front of us and the task at hand, keep moving forward, believing and pushing – it will always pay off!

An Instagram account worth following:
@wetheurban. One of the most powerful and meaningful Instagram accounts I follow. I read each of their impactful quotes every day. It’s an account that celebrates inclusivity and self love and respect.

P.S. - @_luciaofficial also isn’t too bad ;)

A book worth reading:
“Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”. This is one of my favourite books! It's brilliantly written, humorous and deep. It touches on mental illness, healing, trauma, friendship, hardship and love. It’s amazing to see how someone that has been so hard done by still finds kindness in her heart and day to day activities.
A recipe worth trying:

My Overnight Oats

½ cup oats | 1tsp chia seeds | 100ml coconut milk (Milk Lab) |50ml oat milk (Buttanut) | Cinnamon | 2 tbsp low fat Gourmet Greek yogurt | Honey | 1/4 cup bluberies | 1/2 apple.

Leave over night. You can substitute milks for milks of choice and fruits that you prefer. I sometimes love just blueberries and apple. All about personal preference although the above recipe is delish and so, so healthy and nutritious.

An activity worth doing:
Walking. It’s by far the most underrated exercise! I'm not big on running, so walking is my running. It has helped me so much in lockdown and it’s now something I do almost daily. It’s so good for my mental health and such a great addition to my fitness routine too.
A quote worth repeating:
Work hard in silence let success be your noise.
- Frank Ocean
Snippet of the Week
Aesthetically pleasing images from opposites ends of South Africa
Cape Town
Durban Beach Front 
Cape Town Harbour
A curated selection of good reads
🙋How The Simple Act of Showing Up Can Make You Successful
Woody Allen once famously said, “80% of success is showing up,” and he may have understated it. Darious Foroux learned how true this advice really is when his industrial laundry business slowed down severely.  But he kept showing up, things got better, and now he’s sharing how he discovered the power of being there. Read more →
😤 How to Stay Calm When You Know You'll Be Stressed
We’ll always encounter stressful situations in life, and although we can’t prevent these situations, we can be prepared for them. This great TED talk by Daniel Levitin explains how. Read more
🍞 How to Bake the Perfect Cardamom Buns
Forget hot cross buns - cardamom buns are the perfect Easter snack. Why not give them a try this weekend? Read more 
🏃 Over 50 and Training: How to Avoid Injury and Become Optimally Fit
In this article, Iza Trengrove writes that the secret to staying optimally fit as we age lies in adapting one’s training programme.  Read more →
Overheard on the podcast this week: 
making a runner
Dynamic hostess with the mostest CLG is back again with her winning podcast, Straight Up Candid. As always, CLG cuts to the chase and gets candid with her latest guest, Kas Naidoo. Kas is a Durban-based Wealth and Relationship coach with decades of experience in the business of love. Together, they delve into the keys to success in relationships. Buckle up, listeners, this is an introspective one!

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