Missing a water bottle? 

What you need to know...

If you'll be playing in 10U for the first time in 2024, Register for Grad Series 

Winter Stars is in limbo, pending field permits.

Team managers for 6U, 7U, 8U should have an email with instructions for picking up trophies. Unwrap and inspect them. If any names need to be changed, tell teams@ayso13.org what you'd like engraved on a replacement nameplate. 

Lost & found: many fancy water bottles, soccer balls left at All-Star tryouts, and a blue backpack with an inhaler. Find them at the admin tent at Victory Park.

No dogs.


You can still apply for All-Stars


Sign up to Set up fields, staff the tent, or help with pictures.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, 11/18, will be the final game for 6U, 7U, 8U. Trophies are being distributed.

After Thanksgiving, teams in 10U, 12U, 14U resume practice at the usual place and time, because the Rose City Cup tournament is Dec 2 and Dec 9. More below.


Revisit your player assessments, please. Trophies will be released after your spreadsheet is filled in.

For 6U, 7U, 8U, plan a season-end celebration (typically after the last game, Nov 18). Making time to consider what we have accomplished is an important part of coaching!

Awards ceremony

Save the date, Dec 12, for the volunteer recognition & holiday dinner at the Pasadena Senior Cente. This is the one time we all get together in the same room. Kids are welcome, and the more that come, the more fun they'll have. OK, it's mostly adults talking about boring grownup stuff, but at least there's a raffle of good stuff at the end. Coaches, Referees, Team Managers, and Board Members will receive an invitation over email next week. It's nice to spend time with the other soccer parents!

Field hosts are still needed at Victory Park.


What's the call? Take your best guess, then scroll down for the answers.

1. The Lemurs #4 is taking a penalty kick against the Fireflies. The referee blows the whistle, Lemurs #4 runs forward and whiffs the ball, which rolls slightly forward. Lemurs #3, thinking fast, runs forward and kicks the ball into the corner of the goal, while everyone stands watching in amazement. What's the call?

2. Fireflies #2 runs forward to take a penalty kick, swings, then abruptly stops. The Lemurs GK, having dove to her right at the swing, is still on the ground as Fireflies #2 delivers a push-pass that rolls the ball gently into the other corner. What's the call?

3. Lemurs #4 is having another go at it (there's been a lot of flapping of arms in the penalty areas in this game). The ball hits the post, ricochets downward, bounces on the goal line, and the Fireflies GK snatches it. The Fireflies GK, thinking quickly, punts it over the assembled gawkers at the top of the penalty area, and then Fireflies #8, who was lingering behind the crowd, striker starts dribbling toward the Lemurs' goal. What's the call?


See more by subscribing to the Region 13 calendar. The board meeting is usually the first Thursday of each month.

Nov 18  Last game for 6U, 7U, 8U. Final week of pool play for 10U, 12U, 14U
Dec 2  Rose City Cup starts for 10U, 12U, 14U
Dec 7  Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
Dec 9  Rose City Cup finals 10U, 12U, 14U
Dec 12  End-of-season celebration dinner

Rose City Cup

Each team will play one or two matches on Dec 2. Teams winning all their matches on Dec 2 will return on Dec 9.

With any luck, the schedule will be published before Thanksgiving. You can help by reporting match results quickly on Nov 18.

After consultation with the coaches in each division, the baseline plan is to divide the divisions thusly:

Division Teams Flights / # teams
G10U 22 A 8, B 8, C 6
B10U 28 A 12, B 8, C 8
G12U 14 A 10, B 4
B12U 22 A 12, B 8
G14U 8 A 8
B14U 10 A 10

If the number of teams in a flight is other than a power of 2, the higher-ranked teams will get byes while the lower-ranked teams play a match, which will be early on Dec 2. There will generally be a rest period before the second match. So the #1 and #2 teams in B10U, G12U, and B12U can expect to play 1 match in the afternoon, while the other teams in the A flight will have a morning match and an afternoon match. Clear as mud!

Flights with 8 teams will have one match on Dec 2, and two on Dec 9. In the case of the G12U B tournament, the final game will be scheduled for the afternoon of Dec 2, so you can go to the beach the following Saturday. Or sleep in. 

Wherever possible, matches of the same stage will be scheduled at the same time on adjacent fields.

Best efforts will be taken to not ask coaches of multiple teams to travel faster than the speed of light.

More at ayso13.org/rosecity


What's the call? Take your best guess, then scroll down for the answers.

1. As long as the ball moves forward on a penalty kick, it is in play, for anyone other than the kicker. The goal is allowed, and the referee signals for a kickoff. 

2. The goal is disallowed and the referee cautions (yellow card) the kicker for an illegal feint. The game restarts with an indirect free kick from the penalty mark.

3. Did the ball go in or not? If the goal post was lined up with the back of the goal line, then the AR should be able to see whether whole ball crossed the whole line. But maybe the goalkeeper's body obstructed the view. If the Referee's opinion is that the whole ball crossed the whole line, the referee blows the whistle to stop the action, and signals for a kickoff. If the Referee's opinion is that it did not cross the whole line, the Referee might say something like, "Not a goal! Play on!"

But what if the Referee is unsure? This is one of the subtle points of the game. An experienced goalkeeper will carry the ball to the top of the penalty area to punt it far, far away from her goal, and an experienced team will follow her lead. Until AYSO fits the goal posts with optical fences, the frailty of human perception is part of the game. Avoid this ambiguity by burying the ball in the back of the net.

Several times in the last few weeks, all the players stopped moving, looked at the Referee, and asked, "did that go in?" A Referee of a match with young players might choose to blow the whistle to stop play and confer with the AR or explain a decision. In that case, the game would restart either with a kickoff or a dropped ball to the goalkeeper. If the Referee sees that a promising attack is happening, she can wait until after the ball goes out of play, perhaps even scoring in the other goal, to confer with the AR and, if necessary, award a goal the other way. We once saw the LA Galaxy go back for a penalty kick (and win the match) for an event that occurred over 10 minutes earlier.

See The IFAB's list of weird things that can happen in a penalty kick.

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