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With each newsletter, I like to share a favorite photo I've taken. This photo is of the blueberry cake at Hoehn's. 

I miss Hoehn's. A lot. Like a lot a lot a lot. While I am not a huge sweets person, I am a big fan of a classic glazed doughnut – and Hoehn's were my favorite. Every so often, I'd trek (haha, so Baltimore, leaving your hood) down to Highlandtown and pick up a couple of doughnuts. I'd always get one I hadn't tried before, along with at least two glazed (or honey-dipped, whatever you like to call them) and leave feeling giddy. White box tied with that classic red checked twine, which hung from the bakery's ceiling for easy cutting and tying. One time, a young girl working the counter said, "Oh! I follow you on Instagram" and said to the older lady, "You should follow her, she knows about the good places." The lady said, "I don't do the internet." And that made my day. That was Hoehn's. As old school as it gets. 
Coffee and Sicilian Pastries at R House 
R. House finally has a new coffee spot! Farmers market fave Doppio Pasticceria has opened their first brick and mortar location at the Remington food hall. They're open Tuesday - Sunday from 8:00am - 2:00pm.

You can also visit them at the following weekly farmers markets:

Tues: Kenilworth (I love this little market)
Sat: Waverly  
Sun: JFX

Follow them on Instagram!
​Currently Popping Up at Oriole Park
The Orioles are hosting local food businesses for pop-ups this season, as you may remember Sally O's was the first one a few weeks ago. Next up – now through this coming Tuesday, 5/16 – is The Local Fry. Love these people and I hope you will go and support them.

Follow Local Fry on IG for more details.
Beloved Little Italy Eatery Closing
Sad food news from Little Italy...Joe Benny's is closing for good. The owner says late May or early June will be your last time to have their fantastic food. More info in The Baltimore Sun, but suffice it to say, the restaurant business can be hard on you both mentally and physically and Joe is just done. And I don't blame him one bit. 

Go! And, as always, TIP BIG.
Build-Your-Own Salad Chain Open in Towson
Thanks to my new-ish job in Towson (fundraising at Goucher College) and I'm paying closer attention to places to eat near campus. I usually bring my lunch or hit the dining hall ($7 for whatever you want, people!) but I sometimes like to grab something to go for dinner if I don't feel like cooking. And now, there's another healthy option: Chopt Creative Salad - an East Coast chain with about 70 locations. They just opened TODAY in Dulaney Plaza across from Towson Town Center and I definitely plan to check it out.

If you want to see someone's fairly in-depth sweetgreen/Chopt comparison, you can read it HERE
Historic (and Delicious) Deli Opening Location in Harbor Point
                                                                                                                                Photo: Scott Suchman
Words I honestly was jarred to read together: Attman's and Harbor Point. What? How? Wait, what? It's true! The historic and decidedly un-fancy Attman's Delicatessen is opening a new location next to Exelon in Harbor Point in the former home of Vida Taco Bar. 

Slated for fall, according to
media sources.

New Outdoor Bar and Restaurant Opens This Weekend
This one was a long time coming. After navigating many challenges, Hampden Yards – a casual outdoor bar and restaurant just off the Avenue in Hampden – debuts this weekend. A quiet (open to the public but not really pushed or publicized a lot) opening is set for this Friday night. They plan to be open Weds-Sun beginning at 4:00pm, open till 10:00 on weeknights and then open later on weekends.

Shaun Stewart is running the bar and I ran into him last night and he shared the menu with me and it looks good! One thing I really like is one section where you choose your spirit and then customize the entire drink (<< make sure you click this link) as you like it with the mixers, up, on the rocks, etc – OMG. There are cocktails, crushes, frozen drinks, mules and 16 rotating beer taps and the opening draft list is very good. Ooh, and Lucky Dog sake boxes, which I'm excited about. 

And it's all by QR code. We were joking that it's a bar for introverts! (I identify as introvert and extrovert equally, so I love this.) The food menu is casual, too, and was created in collaboration with the folks at Golden West Cafe 

Keep in mind that it's completely outdoors. They have umbrellas at tables but not cover over the entire space – yet. They are planning to add a screen to show games, movies and more. Also, no cash accepted. 

View the menu HERE.
To the Actual County, Can You Believe It...
It seems that my dream of a little place in the country is not likely to happen...I knew it was a longshot. I'm about to spend my last three months at Whitehall and am likely moving to an apartment closer to work. Not looking for a high rise, which most in Towson seem to be, but rather a small, simple living space. I'm looking at places now and am planning to move September 1. I have lived in Roland Park, Tuscany-Canterbury and Hampden for 30+ years and I'm ready for a change of scenery. Also, a bathtub and wood floors, never realized quite how much I'd miss those two things. 

If by some miracle of miracles, you know of a small cottage or garage apartment, etc in Greenspring Valley or slightly north – let me know! 
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Baker's Dozen – my new Q&A with local food/bev folks – is coming soon. So excited about this. It's really fun. 

I plan to do more recipes in future newsletters, promise. 

As always, please do forward this onto your friends who love Baltimore and food.

Thank you so much,

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