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​Expanding at Whitehall Mill and Opening at Kenilworth ​​
I've known Dana Sicko of Gundalow for a good little while now. We first met over lunch at Alma Cocina Latina years ago and we quickly found we had a shared love for food and people. I was obsessed with her (now, sadly out of production) Gundalow juices – especially missing the Mainstay Green – and I knew I'd met a rock star business person. 

She opened Gundalow Gourmet in Whitehall Mill in 2020 and now she's not only expanded next door to her space with a home and design focused shop, but she is also opening a second location of Gundalow at The Shops at Kenilworth later this year. Dana is definitely filling a very nice little niche! She can not only sell you delicious homemade foods – I'm a big fan of the mac 'n cheese, chicken enchiladas and of course the ridiculous chocolate chip cookies – but she also carries really nice gifts like cookbooks and a million other great finds. And now? Home design assistance and inspiration! Go check it out. 
by Stephanie Kay Nutrition
I bought red beets at Whole Foods a few weeks ago because I was feeling inspired by an episode of The Lost Kitchen on Amazon Prime. I'm late to the game on that show, I didn't love it at first, but I enjoy it more now. I'm saving it up vs binging...watching one at time like the old days. Remember watching television shows when they actually aired? No, okay... Well, I was intrigued by the garnishes Erin used on the soup, so I picked up an English cucumber at WF, but skipped the raspberries because they were $8. I found the Stephanie Kay Nutrition recipe for Creamy Beet Soup online and I honestly forgot how using potatoes creates the most luxurious texture. Wow. Definitely using potatoes when I make butternut squash soup later this week. (Yes, I love soup.)
Modern and Comforting Chinese Food in Canton
​​On those nights when you're out with a friend who doesn't drink or you're just taking a break from alcohol, it's nice when you have options that are creative and thought out. Bar Manager at NiHao, Ashley McMichael, is a sober bartender and a service industry veteran and she's also super creative and likes to have fun with drinks. But not just fun and pretty, NiHao's drinks are balanced, flavorful and you want to order again. Thirst quenchers, sippers and more. One of my favorite things from day one at NiHao were the housemade sodas. During the height of COVID curbside takeout, I ordered from NiHao three times and I always made sure to order a soda – and finished drinking it before I got home. 

Over the last few years, NA and low ABV drinking became much more mainstream. Websites, books, free spirits and many (many!) ready-to-drink/canned offerings have flooded the market recently. If you go to
The Wine Source in Hampden, the NA offerings pretty much have their own aisle and a buyer dedicated to finding the best options on the market. I have been trying lots of the options while some are very, very good, many are just terrible. (Look for a blog post soon!)

Ashley, aka AMac, is doing really, really good work and her team is also creating fun drink options. You need to go to NiHao. Order the entire food menu. It's all good (no exageration) and try one of their drinks – with alcohol or not – and you will leave very happy. Last night, three of us shared five dishes and two desserts. As the no-dairy girl here, I will say that the panna cotta is made with coconut milk and it was just rich and sweet enough for me!

So nice to get to visit with NiHao Co-Owner
Pichet Ong, too, who happened to be there the night we went -- what a lovely person! Service was very good (attentive and warm) and I'm already plotting my next visit in my head. Also planning to go to their newest restaurant opening this fall in Dupont Circle (the first Peter Chang project in DC proper), Chang Chang. 

NiHao is a treasure. Thank you, Lydia and Pichot for bringing NiHao to Bmore. 

Patisserie heaven
All we need to say here is Sacré Sucré is perfect.
Fave place for lunch at the bar
Lunch at the bar at Thames Street is always a good idea, the best idea. Go as soon as they open on a Saturday one day soon. It'll be the biggest treat you have in a long time. Thanks, Kerry! That scallop ceviche was absolutely incredible.
The Loveliest Night
As soon as I saw this event listed online, I knew I wanted to experience whatever Helena and Joseph of Larder At Home were planning. So I splurged and bought two tickets – so thankful that ticket pricing was on a sliding scale – and decided to figure out who I'd wrangler to go with me later. (Thank you, Carmen!)

It was exactly what I had hoped it would be – casual, warm, relaxing...delicious. A few things I loved most: the tables were simply adorned with Elisa's flowers grown on site at Two Boots, guests were encouraged to bring their own drinks and drinking vessels, main dishes were served family style, allowing you to interact with your neighbors. Helena told us about how some of the dishes were conceived, farmers she worked with to create very special ingredients and that she used some ingredients she'd actually preserved last year like pickled garlic scapes and cherry leaf wine. My favorite dish was the Baghali Ghatogh, made with coco bianco beans specifically grown for Larder by
Kitchen Girl Farm – it was a sort of bean salad with dill, saffron, turmeric and garlic. Incredible, and like nothing I've ever had before. 

It was truly lovely. Big thanks to Helena and Joseph, John from
Asanka, Elisa and her Two Boots Farm team and everyone – especially all of the farmers – who fed our bellies and allowed us to enjoy such beauty and community. And thanks @trohv for being my date! 

Keep an eye out for future farm dinners, cooking classes and more from
Larder on Instagram

Kinda Loving It Lately
I feel like No.1 Chinese used be not so good. I heard (not confirmed!) that after they had the fire a while back, someone new took it over. If that is true, it kinda of explains a lot. It's my new takeout favorite. Give it a try. (Corner of 41st & Roland)
Is The Prime Rib moving to Cross Keys?
Photo cred: The Prime Rib
The answer is no. According to the Baltimore Business Journal, they are staying in their amazing, classic Baltimore location. They said that is was too complicated and expensive to do it at this time. Obviously, COVID played a part in this, too. I'm guessing it will never happen... but I'd be okay either way to be quite honest. The Prime Rib is continually in my top three places in the city. (The other two are Peter's Inn and Petit Louis!)
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