Grad Series, League Standings, and All-Star Tryouts! 

What to Expect - Week 8

This week's newsletter is filled with important reminders and updates - read below!


Grad Series registration is now open for Girls and Boys 8U players! The season runs from January to March, and it's designed for 8U players as they transition to the 10U Divisions.  Players will learn more about positions, rules of the game, and will play on a 10U-size filed with bigger goals and goalkeepers. It's a great way for continued player development and to help ease player's transition to larger fields.  Visit our site for more details!

Additional reminders:

✔ All-Star tryouts for 10U-14U are happening on Sun. 10/30 at Muir North

✔ Player and Coach registration is still open for All-Stars! Sign-up today!

✔ Please encourage your child to sign up for the Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament for continued player development!


All-Stars Tryouts are happening this weekend (Sun. 11/30)! Please encourage your players to try out for All-Stars. It's a good challenge for everyone, and it's a great way for players to continue their development.

Additional reminders:

✔ League standings are available for Girls & Boys 10U-14U. Take a look here!

✔ Changes to the schedule were (ONLY) made to 10U, 12U, and 14U games for Sat. 11/19. You can check out interactive schedule, on InLeague, and in PDF form on the website for more info!


The Referee Staff will be holding a special Breast Cancer Awareness Event on Saturday, October 29 at the Victory Park 2 Field. All games will be referred by experienced refs in pink jerseys in honor of November's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  What does this mean for refs? Team refs on that field will get a break this week. Please come by and show your support!

Additional reminders:

✔ Changes to the schedule were (ONLY) made to 10U, 12U, and 14U games for Sat. 11/19. You can check out interactive schedule, on InLeague, and in PDF form on the website for more info!

✔ Use the referee schedule app to confirm your referee assignment. If you can't make an assignment, click "No" to let another referee know to fill in for you!

Sisterhood of Soccer

The AYSO Region 13 Sisterhood of Soccer is holding three meetings - the next three Sundays. The Sisterhood of Soccer is a group of volunteers dedicated to recruiting and mentoring women referees and coaches, and encouraging girls and women to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer at all ages of life. We are meeting from 3:30 - 5 pm at the AYSO Region 13 for the next three Sundays!

Schedule Highlights

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Nov 3 Board meeting on Zoom7:15 pm
Nov 5 Picture Day #2
Nov 12 Picture Day #3
Nov 19 Last game of the Fall Season

Sunday Soccer 

It's a wrap for the Sunday Soccer Program! With more than 280 sign-ups and over 100 kids at every session (sometimes as many as 150), it was a huge success. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who made it possible by managing the sign-in table, keeping an eye on the pickup games, and helping with setup/teardown. 

A big shoutout and thank you to Adam Wierman for leading and organizing this wonderful program for Region 13's players!!

All-Stars & The Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament

Please encourage your child to sign-up for All-Star tryouts on October 30 and November 6 at Muir North. Register here! Note, registration does not guarantee a spot on a team, but we encourage everyone to sign up and tryout! Visit our website for more details and information on what to expect.

The Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament is a 3-day tournament held over Thanksgiving weekend, and is a great way to spend your Thanksgiving break for those on the fence of staying locally! Visit our website for more information.

Upper Division 19U Players

Final games for the Upper Division 19U players will be this weekend. For some players, this weekend will be their last AYSO game ever. Some kids have been playing in AYSO Region 13 every year from 6U through 19U. Show your support and stop by their games this Sunday!

Here are a couple of pictures from the "graduating" seniors for both G19 and B19.

G19U grads.jpeg                                                                                                                                             G19U left to right: Kelsea Cox-Bain, Bryce Weinberger, Laurelle Alkhadra, Sa'y Hayes, Adelyne Dale, Liliana Vanegas. Other G19U "seniors" not pictured: Sydney McHugh, and Natalie Powell.

B19U grads.jpeg

B19U left to right: Jack Bettencourt, Lucas Jordan, Kevin Arenas, Charlie Weinberger, Eiji Harrison, Jake Suzuki. Other B19U "seniors" not pictured: Chris Bowers, Oliver Pethedridge.

Commissioner's Message

I hope you're enjoying the season so far! And thank you to everyone who volunteers to coach, referee, set up goals, and help behind the scenes. Did you know that it takes over 800 people giving their time to make our soccer league happen? It's because of this effort that kids can have a quality team sports experience, with the freedom to experiment with new skills, without fear of criticism. Sure, bragging rights are at stake every Saturday, but that's mostly forgotten by the next week. And while some Region 13 members have gone on to play professional soccer, you wouldn't have known it from watching their 10U games.

Some Region 13 members have asked, "Could we just hire referees? Or coaches?" The simple answer is that those people don't exist. There's a national shortage of both referees and coaches, because who wants to be yelled at by angry parents? In AYSO, when you know that the referee is just one of your neighbors who decided to give it a try, it changes your behavior. Hopefully, it's also fun for the referees to learn and master the skill of officiating. AYSO is unique among recreational sports leagues in training coaches and referees. Think about that for a minute -- could you imagine playing in a league where the referees were expected to figure it all out on their own? And in fact, Region 13 does hire professional trainers -- for 4/5U, for Sunday Soccer, and for Grad Series skills clinics. Many of these are college students who enjoy working with kids, but their school comes first.

AYSO is nothing more, or less, than a bunch of people who get together to put on a soccer league. Well, wait a minute, it is more than that. It's a way for you to have shared experiences with neighbors who you wouldn't have otherwise met. It's a way for children to be exposed to different cultures and viewpoints. It's a way for you to influence your child's peer group. It's a platform for developing a tighter community. 

Taj Johnson Chiu
Regional Commissioner (Volunteer) and Soccer Mom (and proud coach of a B16U and G10U team)

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