Picture days, more game schedules ready 

What you need to know:

The schedule for the rest of the season is now available in PDF format. It will be updated in the Interactive Schedule and InLeague early next week. Working out the game schedule is a complicated process of trying to end games as early as possible on an extensive set of fields, while at the same time enabling over 60 coaches who have more than one team be able to make it to all of their teams’ games. Please send a thank you (instead of a complaint) to Patrick Shopbell - our intrepid Regional Referee Administrator who also figures out the Jenga game that is our schedule.


Why is nobody passing to you? It's normal for players to just keep dribbling and forget to pass in week 3. Why? It must be a developmental phase, because it happens every season. Just position yourself to take advantage of a deflection or rebound.


Week 3 is also when some spectators start to get really excited! This is your reminder that we're doing this so all the kids can have fun. Your child knows very well that she wants to shoot the ball into the net -- and she probably had a good reason not to.

The tent at Victory Park is an important touch point for lots of lost Grandparents and parents. Please sign up to staff the tent (we will give you all of the information you need!) Sign up to staff the tent at Victory Park. This is an easy way to support the region!


Weeks 1 and 2 are introductions. Week 3 is when the training really begins, now that we all understand what they've gotten into. The players come with a wide range of abilities. The teams that finish the season strongest are the ones that patiently support player development. 

We had our first Continuing Coach Education session this past Thursday where we started to learn about running a great training session. The theme was "Plan and prepare." Our next Continuing Coach Education session is Monday, September 26 from 6:30 - 8 pm at the AYSO Region 13 Clubhouse. This is a great opportunity to get some insights from a very experienced coach - Barry Ritson of Surf and Launch Sports.


Thanks for returning your game cards! You can also use the QR code on the bottom to upload the game cards and then drop them through the mail slot at the clubhouse. If you circle anything other than 3 for sporting behavior, please write an explanation. If you are the last game of the day please bring the white envelope attached to the back of the goal to the Clubhouse and drop it through the mail slot. If you are at Victory Park all of the game cards go directly to the Victory Park tent.

Use the schedule app. Click on Teams to find yours, then click "Add to favorites", and it should give you a family agenda, including your team's games and referee assignments.

Team managers

Picture Days are now scheduled. They are Oct 15, Nov 5 and Nov 12. Your team will be informed of your picture day time and day assignment in the next week or so. Thank you Vandana Desai and Amandeep Singh for all of your hard work to get Picture Day up and running!

The Road to Fall Soccer

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Sept 26
Continuing Coach Education with Barry Ritson 6:30 - 8 pm at AYSO Region 13 Clubhouse 711 W. Woodbury Road, Unit E, Altadena
Oct 3 Continuing Coach Education with Barry Ritson 6:30 - 8 pm at AYSO Region 13 Clubhouse 711 W. Woodbury Road, Unit E, Altadena
Oct 15 Picture Day #1
Nov 5  Picture Day #2
Nov 12  Picture Day #3
Oct 6 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
Nov 3 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm

Everyone Plays

In Region 13, every player is on the field for at least 3/4 of the game, and keepers (10U and 12U) are in goal for at most 2 quarters. In 6U-8U, everyone plays the whole game. Referees do not enforce this at the game, but note exceptions on the game card for followup by the coaching staff.

Just for fun

Of course there's a facebook page.

There will be Best Team Name awards. The bar is pretty high. The winners will have their banners hung in the clubhouse.

Picture of the week

Thank you Monika Wehbe for a great picture of the Girls 6U Green Speed! Send in your pictures to info@ayso13.org or tag @aysoregion13 on Instagram and we will feature your team in next week's newsletter.

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