Picture days, more game schedules ready 

What you need to know:

Double-check your game schedule for Week 5, Oct 7, as some games had to move around. More weeks' schedules expected this weekend.

Sunday Soccer and NEXT start this weekend. Sunday Soccer is all-ages technical skills, pickup, and goalkeeper academy, at Blair from 3:30-5:30. RSVP.

What if it rains? Will soccer continue? It depends on how the soil drains during the day. Check ayso13.org at 4pm.

Please pack out your trash.


Why is nobody passing to you? It's normal for players to just keep dribbling and forget to pass in week 3. Why? It must be a developmental phase, because it happens every season. Just position yourself to take advantage of a deflection or rebound.

Earrings must be removed. It really, really hurts to get a spike jabbed into the soft spot behind your ear, so the Laws Of The Game say jewelry of any kind must be removed before you can play soccer. Watches and wristbands also must come off. Taping over is not acceptable. Medical-alert bracelets are the only exception, which should be taped down so they're not a snagging hazard.


Week 3 is also when some spectators start to get really excited! This is your reminder that we're doing this so all the kids can have fun. Your child knows very well that she wants to shoot the ball into the net -- and she probably had a good reason not to. Maybe it's spinning funny, or her momentum is carrying her in a different direction. So focus on cheering encouragement, and let the coach direct the game!

The tent at Victory Park is an important touch point for lots of lost Grandparents and parents. Please sign up to staff the tent at Victory Park. You can help people find their field or find their car keys. This is an easy way to contribute!

The field owners request that we leave no trace on our fields - remember to pick up any trash you see, and avoid damaging the fields by dragging chairs, dragging goals, or digging umbrella stands into the ground. Also, spectators at Blair must be behind the track.

If you would like to compliment a coach or referee, please submit a comment form at ayso13.org/feedback


Weeks 1 and 2 are introductions. Week 3 is when the iterative training really begins, now that we all start to understand what to expect. The players come with a wide range of abilities. The teams that finish the season strongest are the ones that patiently develop all the players.

Save the date! Coaching seminar Monday, October 30 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm at the AYSO Region 13 Clubhouse. Barry Ritson, Director of LA Surf and member of the US National Youth Teams coaching staff, will change the way you think about coaching. In-person only.

Please put your team manager's and referees' contact information into the Summary tab of your team spreadsheet. This lets the league know who goes with which team.

If someone is injured at a game, please report it at ayso13.org/safety. If you want to give feedback on a coach or referee, please share it at ayso13.org/feedback/


Need a uniform? Get it on Friday, 7 - 8 pm at the clubhouse.

Thanks for using the QR code on the back of the game cards to transmit the results!

Remember to confirm your assignments in inLeague by noon on Thursdays. After then, assignments are up for grabs.

If you want to give feedback on a coach or referee, please share it at ayso13.org/feedback/.

Team managers

The 12U games go until 5 or 6pm. If that's you, please delegate to your team parents the job of packing away the administration tent.

Pop quiz! What's the call?

Take your best guess, then scroll down for answers. The buildout line is exclusive to 10U.

1. Anacondas #5 and the Clouds' goalkeeper are the only players on their side of the buildout line. Anacondas #2 kicks the ball into the center of the field, and Anacondas #5 is the first player to reach it. She executes a sole flick, turns, and charges to the Clouds' goal. What's the call?

2. Having missed a shot on goal, the Clouds players are walking back toward the buildout line. As they're walking, the Anacondas' keeper takes the goal kick with a short tap to her teammate, #7, who starts to run with it. Clouds #5 turns around to challenge Anacondas #7, wins the ball, shoots, and scores. What's the call?

3. Anacondas #3 sets up between the Clouds' goalpost for a corner kick. The Anacondas take the kick short, and everyone runs toward the ball, except #3, who realizes that, being the only person standing on the goal line, she is in an offside position. An Anaconda teammate shoots toward the far post, the Clouds goalkeeper jumps and misses, and #3, who was distracted by a butterfly, is still in an offside position. What's the call?

The road ahead

See more by subscribing to the Region 13 calendar

Oct 7 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
Oct 30 Coach seminar with Barry Ritson, 7:00 - 8:30 pm at the Clubhouse

Everyone Plays

In Region 13, every player is on the field for at least 3/4 of the game, and keepers (10U and 12U) are in goal for at most 2 quarters. In 6U-8U, everyone plays the whole game. Referees do not enforce this at the game, but note exceptions on the game card for followup by the league administration.

Just for fun

Of course there's a facebook page.

There will be Best Team Name awards. The bar is pretty high. The winners may hang their banners on the wall in the clubhouse.

Picture of the week

Send in your pictures to info@ayso13.org or tag @aysoregion13 on Instagram and we will feature your team in next week's newsletter.

Quiz Answers

1. Offside, and the restart is an indirect free kick. This is known as an "over-and-back," where the player is in an offside position, before she runs back to what would be an onside position.

2. Play on. The attacking team (the one with the ball) is entitled to wait for the defending team to retreat beyond the buildout line before putting the ball into play, but they also have the option of putting the ball into play while opposing players are on their side of the buildout line. In 12U and older, it's the penalty area instead of the buildout line.

3. The goal is allowed and the restart is a kickoff. If you're in an offside position, and do not affect the play (such as standing still or getting out of the way), then it is not an offside offense.

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