All-Star Tryouts, Grad Series, Winter Stars, and Trophies! 

What to Expect - Week 9

This week's newsletter is filled with important reminders and updates - read below!


The Fall Program is wrapping up for the youngest players this weekend, and for the remaining players, there are only 3 more games left in the regular season - hard to believe it's almost over!

Region 13 has two exciting upcoming soccer programs, Winter Stars and Grad Series. Read below to learn more about them.

Winter Stars is an informal pick-up style soccer program on Sunday afternoons for ages 5-13, for 8-10 weeks. The program is great for players who enjoyed the fall season and want to keep playing soccer with their friends. The fields are designated "friendly" and "competitive" where players decide which field they'd like to play on. Visit our site for more information!

Grad Series is a mini-season for 8U players that is designed to help them transition to the 10U Divisions. Players will learn about positions, offsides, the build-out line; and will be playing on bigger fields with bigger goals. The season runs from January to February for a total of 8 weeks. Visit our site for more information!

Last but not least, please remember do NOT allow players to hang on goals or grab nets as it weakens the goals, making it easier for them to separate. Unfortunately, a goal fell on a player resulting in a concussion. Although they are doing well, this incident was likely a direct result of other players hanging onto the goals. Additionally, please do NOT bring any dogs to the soccer fields during any of Region 13's soccer programs. A young girl was bitten recently -- thankfully she wasn't injured badly. 

Additional reminders:

All-Star tryouts for 10U-14U are happening on Sun. 11/6 at Muir North. These are the last tryouts so don't miss them!

✔ Sign up for Grad Series is open for Girls and Boys 8U players! The season runs from Jan-March, and it's designed for 8U players as they transition to the 10U Divisions.

✔ Please encourage your child to sign up for the Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament for continued player development!


The last All-Stars Tryouts are happening this weekend (Sun. 11/6)! Please encourage your players to try out for All-Stars. It's a good challenge for everyone, and it's a great way for players to continue their development.

Additional reminders:

✔ League standings are available for Girls & Boys 10U-14U. Take a look here!

✔ Check out the interactive schedule, on InLeague, and in PDF form on the website for the remaining season schedule.

Team Managers

Trophies for the 4U-8U divisions have arrived at the Region 13 Clubhouse! Each team should decide who will pick up the trophies for their team. This is often the coach, team manager, or parent volunteer. The team representative should come to the clubhouse during one of the scheduled trophy pick-up times below.

You will need to know: 1) Your division (i.e. G7U) and 2) your Team Name (i.e. Purple Panthers). Check out our site for more information!

4U-8U Trophy Pick Up Times:

Schedule Highlights

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Nov 5 Picture Day #2
Nov 6Sisterhood of Soccer meeting
Nov 12 Picture Day #3
Nov 19 Last game of the Fall Season

Volunteer Nominations

It's that time of year! Is there a volunteer that has gone above and beyond in their role as a coach, referee, or who has just always raised their hand to help the team or players out? Please tell us about it! Region 13 is asking for your nominations for the following yearly awards:

Coach of the Year

▪ Referee of the Year

▪ General Volunteer of the Year

Please send your nominations to:

Sisterhood of Soccer

The next meeting for The Sisterhood of Soccer is happening this Sunday, 11/6. The Sisterhood is a  group of volunteers dedicated to recruiting and mentoring women referees and coaches, and encouraging girls and women to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer at all ages of life. We are meeting from 3:30-5pm at the AYSO Region 13 Clubhouse. Please join us!

All-Stars & The Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament

Please encourage your child to sign-up for All-Star tryouts on November 6 at Muir North. Register here! Note, registration does not guarantee a spot on a team, but we encourage everyone to sign up and tryout! Visit our website for more details and information on what to expect.

The Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament is a 3-day tournament held over Thanksgiving weekend, and is a great way to spend your Thanksgiving break for those on the fence of staying locally! Visit our website for more information.

Picture of the Week

This week's photo comes from the Blue Hydra's B10U team - look at that cool logo!

Taj Johnson Chiu
Regional Commissioner (Volunteer) and Soccer Mom (and proud coach of a B16U and G10U team)

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