Final pictures, season-end info 

What you need to know...

Team Pictures at Upper Victory Park, way in the back behind the trees.

Register for Grad Series. There are currently 5 coaches and 2 referees signed up. Coaching a little kids' soccer team is one of the great joys of life.

Final day of 4U/5U is Saturday. Come get your sparkly blingy trophy!

All-Star tryouts at La Canada HS on Sunday.

Two cars were broken into last Saturday at LCHS. A purse was taken from one, and a bag of toddler toys from the other. Keep your valuables with you.

There have been reports of players getting a wee bit saucy on the pitch. Remember, it's a game. It's played for fun. If you want the other kids to play with you in the future, consider that it takes the same effort to be polite.

No dogs.


New location: the final All-Star tryouts are Sunday, November 5th at La Canada High SchoolPlease arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure you have time to check-in:

All-Stars will end in early February this year, so you can play baseball or softball afterward. Team rosters will be announced in December.


Sign up to Set up fields, staff the tent, or help with pictures.

This Saturday is the final meeting for 4U/5U. 

Sunday, 11/3, is Championship Day for 16U and 19U. Congrats to all the Region 13 teenagers in the playoffs!

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, 11/18, will be the final game for 6U - 8U. Trophies have been ordered, and team managers will receive instructions for picking them up in a week or so.

After Thanksgiving, teams in 10U, 12U, 14U resume practice at the usual place and time, because the Rose City Cup tournament is Dec 2, Dec 10, and Dec 11.


Revisit your player assessments, please. Trophies will be released after your spreadsheet is filled in.

Coaches, Referees, and Team Managers

Save the date, Dec 11 or 12, for the volunteer recognition holiday party. This is the one time we all get together in the same room. Kids are welcome, and the more that come, the more fun they'll have. OK, it's mostly adults talking about boring grownup stuff, but at least there's a raffle of good stuff at the end.

Field hosts are still needed at Victory Park.

Pop quiz! What's the call?

Take your best guess, then scroll down for answers. 

1. Dragons #2 has a breakaway, and as she races through the center circle, deftly dribbling the ball with both feet, the ball hits a funny bump in the ground and bounces up. Her left hand, pumping furiously from the sprint, thwacks the ball back down, and she slows a little bit to regain control and resume her attack. What's the call?

2. Hippos #4, in her own penalty area, puts her foot out in front of the ball, which Dragons #7 had been planning to smack into the bottom left corner of the goal, only now she finds herself flying through the air, arms flapping like a real dragon. The ball squirts up at Dragons #3, who defensively clutches her arms in front of her chest. The ball bounces off her arm, and Dragons #11, seizing the moment, desperately flails out a leg for a sloppy toe-poke that rolls it into the net. What's the call?

3. Hippos #8 has the ball, and Dragons #5 has her trapped in the Dragons' corner. The Dragons are thrilled that the game is tied, and expect that it will be over soon. Being the goalkeeper's birthday, there are cupcakes. Hippos #8 shifts her hips, steps out with her right foot, and sole-rolls the ball with her left to escape the corner trap. Dragons #5 steps forward to block her, and Hippos #8 loses contact with the ball. It rolls onto the touch line. Hippos #8, thinking quickly, runs back along the touch line to intercept the coming throw-in. Dragons #5 picks up the ball, throws it, and Hippos #8 throws up her arms to keep the ball off her nose. What's the call?

The Road Ahead

See more by subscribing to the Region 13 calendar. The board meeting is usually the first Thursday of each month.

Nov 4  Picture day #3
Nov 5  All-Star tryouts #2 at LCHS
Nov 12  All-Star makeup in case of rain
Nov 18  Last game for 6U, 7U, 8U. Final week of pool play for 10U, 12U, 14U
Dec 2 (& maybe 3rd)  Rose City Cup starts for 10U, 12U, 14U
Dec 7  Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
Dec 9-10  Rose City Cup finals 10U, 12U, 14U
Dec 11, 12, or 13  End-of-season celebration dinner

What's next?

You can keep playing soccer with Region 13.

Grad Series is for current 8U-aged players who will be playing 10U for the first time in Fall 2024.

Winter Stars is Sunday afternoon pickup for everyone else. If you'd like to organize Winter Stars, hit that reply button! has a 

Balanced Teams

Region 13 tries to arrange balanced teams. And yet, there is a wide range of results. The Rose City Cup gives a chance for a reset, and teams will be organized into separate flights to that you'll compete with other teams with similar records. Anything can happen in a tournament -- a #8 seed can win the whole thing. 

One step that coaches can take to help next year's teams be balanced is to reevaluate the player assessments. 

Picture of the Week

Send action shots to or tag @aysoregion13 on Instagram to be in next week's newsletter.

Quiz Answers

1. Play on! If the ball bounces funny, and contacts an arm in a natural position that didn't reach out toward the ball, and there's no meaningful advantage, it's not a handling offense. The referee might say, "play on!" to signal that she saw it and, in the opinion of the referee, there was no offense.

2. Ordinarily, a defensive reflex by a young player, or a deflection off arms close to the body, would not be a handling offense. The exception is when it leads to a goal. So, generally, referees should blow the whistle for any handling, even unintentional, by the attacking team within the penalty area. The restart is a direct free kick for the Hippos.

3. This was a trick question. Competing for space at the ball is allowed, so there's no pushing foul for holding your ground. Throwing up your arms to protect your head may or may not be a handling offense, depending on, in the opinion of the referee, the age and skill of the players, and the time the player had to do something different (like duck). In this case, however, the ball never went out of bounds, because if any part of the ball is above the line, the ball is still in play. So the Dragons handled the ball by picking it up for an unwarranted throw-in. The Referee blows the whistle and awards a direct free kick to the Hippos.

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