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The folks behind two fantastic Baltimore restaurants-Johnny Rad's and Snake Hill-are opening a new bar together called The Royal Blue in Station North. The location is the corner of Maryland Avenue and Lafayette, a few doors up from Le Comptoir du Vin.

From the BBJ: "An attorney for the project told city liquor board commissioners that the spot will serve "upscale bar food and and signature cocktails," with "more of a bigger menu in the front of the house, with sandwiches and possibly locally made sausages and more of a cocktail bar in the back of the house."

Here is the full article from the Baltimore Business Journal and also, take a listen to Jess Mayhugh's interview with Randy Coffrin and Rich Pugh HERE

I'm so excited for this!

Photo by JBGB's


This past week, I had a fantastic first time eating and drinking at one of my favorite bars, only now it's JBGB's, run by the John Brown Butchery folks.

The PIZZA! (I took meds so I could have dairy....haha.) I almost never eat pizza crust, but the crust on this pie is so flavorful and delicious on its own — I could easily just take torn crust and dip it in their pizza sauce, which is just sweet enough. This crust is soft and airy in places and a little crispy and charred in others. As my friend and I dove into our first taste, it was that thing...that thing where you close your eyes and savor it. Big smiles. We got pepperoni (they make it in house, of course) and I definitely recommend that if you eat meat. I also loved the cucumber salad, which has the lightest most refreshing coconut vinaigrette. Also, red onion, mint, sweet cherry tomatoes and little chunks of perfectly salty ham hocks. Ham hocks. Fantastic combination of flavors, Chef.

Veteran Baltimore bartender Shaun Stewart is running the bar, so you know you're in good hands. We tried a few house cocktails (you have to try the mustard cocktail) and I was in the mood for a martini, so that was kind of like my dessert. Yum. But we also actually had dessert, too, because Rebecca Karten is so gifted and the chocolate pudding tart sounded perfect (and it was).

I'm really glad their menu is not focused on steaks. I mean, yes, people have asked why not since they have a butcher shop. I tend to think if you go into a new space and do exactly what was done there before, that is a dangerous game. Making the space and the food + drinks your own is smarter. Who knows, maybe they'll run a steak special sometime, but go to JBGBs for some damn good pizza, salads, the most ridiculous smashburger (and the roast chicken and Caesar is next for me) and do not skip dessert. 
Photo by Fadensonnen
There's something very special about the wine bar upstairs at Fadensonnen. The lights are low and feels tucked away from the rest of Baltimore. Take a seat at the bar and the staff will walk you through sakes and natural wines, many of which you will not find anywhere else in the city. Sake is my favorite thing to drink, so yes, I have really missed this place.

Tonight, the wine bar reopens for indoor service. (You should be cheering right now.)

As for the downstairs bar, Lane Harlan says that the plan is to use the carry-out window model in all seasons except winter. Then, in winter, the taproom downstairs will be opened indoors. 

Fadensonnen is open every night except Monday. I s
uggest you go!

Here are some highlights from a recent dinner at Dylan's Oyster Cellar.
The way to start at Dylan's
Always perfectly shucked. 
When it's on the menu, order the heirloom tomato salad. (Tomatoes from Karma Farm.)
I was inspired to make some corn soup last week. This was due to a craving for Ina Garten's Cheddar Corn Chowder, my favorite soup. I'm not currently eating some of the ingredients of that soup, so I thought I'd try something different: basically, a puréed corn soup. One thing I loved about this recipe from Once Upon A Chef was that she added the corn cobs to the soup as it cooked. That one little thing always adds so much more flavor! At the end, I added a cup of coconut cream to give it a little more creamy texture. Garnished with cooked kernels and fresh basil. Big thank you to One Straw Farm for growing this wonderfully flavorful organic corn. Definitely making this again this summer. 

Here is the recipe.
Keep supporting your favorite places — think about the ones you'd be heartbroken to lose. They need you. And remember to be patient with service staff (many are new, all are stretched thin) and tip well. 

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