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After 94 years, Baltimore's beloved Hoehn's Bakery closed this week. You can read more about it in the Baltimore Business Journal. I think they are done (I mean, probably exhausted like so many in food & beverage.) I'm honestly too sad to write much on this. Count on a Hoehn's love letter on my blog soon. Likely something about honey dips in boxes wrapped with twine . . .
Photo cred: Lane Harlan
Now for some good news. Later this week, Remington cocktail bar W.C. Harlan will reopen after being fully closed for a year and a half. While Lane Harlan's other businesses, Clavel, Fadensonnen and Angels Ate Lemons have pivoted and been partially open and doing carryout, etc, W.C. Harlan was a different story. They needed to give it a pause. (Read my interview with Lane from back in March HERE.) 

Lane says that she and head bartender Pam Haner are planning to take the drinks at Harlan back to basics, like when they first opened. Lane explained, “Keeping things simpler feels good right now. We’ll have the cocktail du jour, a light and a dark beer daily. It’ll be more like, what are you in the mood for, let me make it for you.” I love this. Getting back to creating an experience instead of following a menu. I always appreciated that opening menu of WC Harlan.

W.C. Harlan reopens this Thursday, September 22. 
Hours are Monday - Wednesday 5:00pm -12:00am and Friday + Saturday 5:00pm - 1:00am.

400 W. 23rd Street, Remington 

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Just want to say this again. If you haven't been to Dutch Courage yet or you haven't been during COVID, I highly recommend it. The folks at Dutch Courage have made me feel very safe all through the pandemic. They took restrictions very seriously, there have been a lot of rule changes and shifts (and those pivots, like turning into a bottle shop and selling cocktail subscriptions...) and, of course, their outdoor space is completely lovely. 

Congrats, Brendan and Eric for making your plans a reality. You worked so tirelessly and I am super proud of you and your wonderful staff. Thank you. 
(another patio I love)
                                                                                Photo cred: De Kleine Duivel
I feel like not enough people know that De Kleine Duivel has recently changed hands (and a lot of things) so I wanted to just say... this is another one of my favorite places. The newly built outdoor patio, tight food menu, cocktails, beers in a very relaxed environment. It's owned by the Bluebird Cocktail Room folks, who are seriously some of the nicest humans ever. Happy hour EVERYDAY 5-7pm. Check their IG for menu, hours and some very tempting photos. I love the bottled Negroni. It is stellar. 
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My friend Doug Atwell is preparing to open his very own bar in Fell's Point (Bond and Fleet) called Southpaw. He's nearly there but needs a little last push. If you are so inclined, consider making a contribution to his Kickstarter campaign.

A little more about Doug:

"I've been a career bartender and bar manager for the last sixteen years - whiskey libraries, live music venues, cocktail joints, wine and oyster bars. You name it, I've poured it. Finally lucky enough to have this opportunity on a small corner in my neighborhood, opening a little bar with great music and a welcoming atmosphere."

Whether you have enjoyed Doug's cocktails at the original Rye in Fell's Point, Dylan's Oyster Cellar or somewhere else, I hope you will go and see him when Southpaw opens later this year. 
(and it opens today!)
                                                                                                                      Photo cred: Hammerjack's
Hammerjack's was a Baltimore institution, known for live rock 'n roll shows and had a very loyal local following in the 80s and 90s. I never got to Hammerjack's, but heard lots of stories over the years. The Ramones, Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine and other big names played there, plus of course local favorites like The Crack the Sky, among many others. (Lots of big hair and tight jeans back then!)

My friend Paul Kang is a key player in this redevelopment project and he invited friends to come for a preview night last week. I don't remember the last time I went to an event having absolutely no idea what to expect -- and it was so much fun! Picture it this way: it's a live music and "tailgate" spot right next to Ravens stadium. They have dedicated parking, big screens and lots of picnic tables where you can enjoy drinks and food by 
Kooper's Tavern. They will eventually build out the indoor space but for now, it's a new place to hang outside. Pretty cool.

Here's a quick history of Hammerjack's:
1977 opens at 1024 S. Charles
1981 moves to 1101 S. Hanover
1997 demolished for Ravens parking 
2000 reopens at 316 Guilford (current Assembly Room venue)
2006 closes at Guilford "for good"
9/19/21 opens at 1300 Russell

Hooray for sitting at the bar at Dylan's for the first time in two years! I stopped in Friday after getting some highlights at Smoke & Mirrors across the street (hoping, hoping there would be room at the bar) and enjoyed a cocktail, raw oysters, potato skins and a glass of rose. There's something really nice about sitting at a bar by yourself, talking with the staff, shaking off the day. I have said this on my Instagram and it's really true: working at a school during COVID has been the hardest thing I've ever done, professionally speaking. I feel a little bit broken. But it will get better. It always gets better. (There is my favorite thing, the bright spot.)

Thank you for the service and kindness, Dylan, Irene, Sydney, Toni and Kara. So good catching up.  Best of the best. 
And, here's to a perfect heirloom salad at Petit Louis
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