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I wrote a blog post this weekend that I'd been thinking about for a while.

With the constant changes happening with COVID as it pertains to local businesses -- especially restaurants -- I thought it could be helpful to give diners a little direction. I tend to hear things directly from friends in the restaurant industry that I think a lot of people would like to know, things that restaurants don't always feel comfortable sharing publicly for fear of offending people. (That is real! Social media is brutal.) For starters, what to expect when dining out and simple things you can do to improve your experience. 

I'm in the process of reaching out to restaurants to see which places are offering or plan to offer outdoor dining this winter. Below is a list of places that are currently offering outdoor seating -- as far as I know at this moment. Keep in mind that a few of them are not traditional restaurants (like, not appetizer, entrée, dessert kinds of menus) but most will offer you a place to relax and safely enjoy a night out. They all could use your support. As I say in the blog post, check with the restaurant before you go to ask about their outdoor setup. That's really important. 

Whether you plan to dine out or order takeout, I urge to do it as often as you possibly can. It may sound harsh, but right now there's a good chance one of your favorite restaurants is on the brink of closing for good. Restaurants are closing here and there for a few days at a time to deal with COVID cases. That will continue. I've seen so many more just today. Make sure you are following your favorite places on Instagram, as that (vs Facebook) is where most restaurants tend to post their most up-to-date info. 


Blue Pit BBQ
Cocina Luchadoras
De Kleine Duivel
Dutch Courage
Dylan's Oyster Cellar
Golden West Cafe
Grand Cru Bottle Shop
Grano Pasta Bar
Gunther & Co.
Heritage Kitchen
Holy Frijoles
Joe Squared
Johnny Rad’s
LP Steamers
Peter’s Inn
Rocket to Venus
Sally O's
Snake Hill
Sobo Cafe
Sobo Market
Tapas Teatro
Thames Street Oyster House
The Capital Grille

Lastly, please urge everyone you know to get a booster if they have not done so yet. There is a free vaccination clinic this Sunday at The GreenMount School in Remington. No appointment necessary. HERE is more info. 

Bring your layers when you dine outside.
Peter's Inn, of course. Iconic. 
Deliciousness at Nepenthe. These wings + a DIPA....yes. 
The patio at Dutch Courage is incredible. Photo by Jess Mayhugh
I always ask that you FORWARD this onto your friends. Now more than ever, that is so important. There is also a link to my latest blog post in my Instagram bio. Copy it and text it to your people! Help me get the word out!

Thank you so much,

xo - 


Amy Langrehr
Charm City Cook
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