Start hydrating today! Sunday Soccer starts 9/24. Practical advice for players, parents, coaches, refs... 

What's happening - Week 2


Start hydrating ... two days ago. Failing that, early in the morning. It'll be hot, and the best place to store water is in your cells.

Park your water bottle near the touch line, and you can get a drink whenever you want.

Write your name and phone number on your water bottle, your ball, and your backpack, and you might still have them in December! Bring lost & found items to the tent at Victory Park.

As part of registration, every player in 8U and up is eligible to participate in a bonus afternoon of soccer on Sundays starting Sep 24 at Blair HS. From 3:30-5:30, you can join a Goalkeeper Academy and small-sided pickup games for players in 8U and up. If it's a success, it'll continue through the rest of the fall season! Sunday Soccer


Dogs stay home! Regardless of size, dogs are not permitted at the field under Region 13's insurance policy and terms of the field permits. Region 13 is full of little kids, many are afraid of dogs, and even friendly, well-meaning dogs can knock over and injure a small child. 

Grandparents are always stopping by the tent at Victory Park to ask for directions to see their kids play. If you don't have a new baby, and aren't already coaching, refereeing, or managing a team, please choose two hours, over the course of the season.

The home team (listed first on the schedule) spectators should be on the North or West side of the field, and the other team sits on the South or East side. Neither team may on the ends of the field behind the goals, because it's distracting, and you are more likely there to catch a ball to the face. Remember to bring your own shade umbrellas!

How're those shoes fitting? Region 13's collection of previously loved soccer cleats and balls will be at Victory Park. Bring a pair of shoes, leave a pair of shoes, or take a ball home.

If you have the first game on the field, everyone gets to help set up the goals. Yay! After the last game, help take them down.

Please remember to set your coaches up for success, and let theirs be the only voices telling the kids what to do during games. While it's tempting to give instructions to your child, we want the players to start making their own decisions. Making decisions is a skill, and it will develop over the next 10 weeks.

How did your first week go? Please elaborate at


How are your practices going? If you could use some ideas, checkout Mojo.


Coaching ideas that worked last year at this time

Goalkeeper academy starts Sept 24 during Sunday Soccer. Until then: 


Write your team's ID (e.g. B14U04) on the game card so your team gets credit, and use the QR code on the bottom to report results.

Remember to confirm your game assignments in inLeague. See your Referee newsletter for details. Here's how it's supposed to work.

Report injuries at

Team managers

Team manager orientation is tonight (Thursday) at 7:30 on Zoom. It will be recorded.

Also find the info packet at If you are looking for an app organize your team, AYSO worked with Microsoft to tailor Microsoft Teams to soccer teams. Just send your team roster in a sensible format to, and some very advanced intelligence will send invitations to everyone.

Team traditions are fun, whether it's cheer, a handshake, or secret language.

Photo of the week

The sunset was the talk of the town this week! Thanks to Nicole Cobleigh for catching this rainbow above above the Sapphire Sharks. 
Send in your pictures or tag @aysoregion13 on Instagram.

Schedule Highlights

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Sep 16 Week 2 of the Fall Season
Sep 17 Regional Referee Course in Altadena
Sept 24 Goalkeeper academy and Sunday Soccer
Oct5 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm

Everyone Plays

In Region 13, every player is on the field for at least 3/4 of the game, and keepers (10U and 12U) are in goal for at most 2 quarters. In 6U-8U, everyone plays the whole game, unless they don't want to. Referees will note exceptions on the game card for followup by the coaching staff.

All Stars & The Thanksgiving Tournament 

Even though the season just started, it's time to start thinking All Stars and the Thanksgiving Tournament. Find information on the programs here.

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