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After writing this newsletter weekly since December, I am going to change things up. After today, it will come out when I have news or something to share vs every Sunday. Weekly is not sustainable for me. I love writing this newsletter so much -- and your feedback makes all the time and work worth it. Thank you! I just need to scale things back, reign it in a bit. It's all about creating boundaries. 
My friend Joan Norman of One Straw Farm gives the best advice. Life, cooking, everything. And she and have a similar approach to cooking: KEEP IT SIMPLE. One day last year, she told me about a really simple butternut squash soup with curry. I was intrigued, especially since I'd just started cooking with curry. When I got home, I grabbed the squash from my One Straw Farm CSA, did some Googling and literally made this soup the next morning.

The recipe from Minimalist Baker in the link above is so, easy, uses just a few ingredients and is dairy-free! If you don't think you love curry, trick your brain (or people in your household) by using a combo of cumin and coriander. You will get a similar flavor profile. If you're like me and texture is a thing for you, I highly recommend this his very affordable blender that whips it into the most velvety texture. And...if you have the budget and space for it, get yourself a Vitamix.

Make this soup right now. I've made it five times since last fall. And while you're at it, use some old bread to 
make some croutons. So much better than buying croutons in a box.

It is soup season, people! (better than pumpkin anything as far as I'm concerned)

I hadn't been to the Ambassador Dining Room since about mid-2019 and I'd been really missing it. So, when my friends and I were deciding to go and we all agreed on the Ambassador, I was stoked. And even though the Singh family sold the restaurant recently in order to focus on their other (amazing) restaurants, Ananda and Peerce's, not much has changed. It's still so lovely. The food is comforting and homey, yet polished. I love that combo.

Our server Lactor was very helpful in guiding in our menu selections. And, he kindly added a portion to an app that usually comes with three portions so all four of us could enjoy it. We had wine and cocktails and I don't know how they did it, but the drinks came out almost immediately after we'd ordered them. And that patio! It is truly one of the best (I'd say in my top three) outdoor dining spots in the entire city. You are truly transported and you can forget your troubles for a little while. 

The Ambassador is on my "Please Never Ever Close" list on my dining guide
Let's not forget why we have always loved our favorite restaurants in the first place.

Go to The Ambassador -- make yourself a reservation for next weekend. 
In a few of my recent newsletters, I've talked about gradually changing to a dairy-free and egg-free (and not much gluten) diet. Here's the thing: I am not allergic to these things. I just feel a million times better when I avoid them. Some restaurants are hard to maneuver in this way, but I've made it work pretty well so far. I am figuring it out as I go along. As a naturally curious cook and eater, I am learning so much.

I have added a lot of my latest grocery favorites to a new blog post

The other new post is all about kitchen tools. It essentially is a list that I have been updating over the years and last week, I decided to rewrite it.
HERE it is.
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And, remember to do this one favor for me: forward this onto a friend or two. Or ten. I don't make any profit off of the newsletter -- I just want to help people find ways to support the Baltimore restaurant industry. 

I add the most recent newsletter to my Instagram profile when I publish, so you can usually find a link there. Working on getting them all up on my blog. 

Thank you!

xo - 


ps. Thank you for the exciting ending to the game today, Justin! 
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