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I created this newsletter as a way to keep people in Baltimore informed on ways we all can support our favorite local restaurants and food & beverage businesses. 

No ads, no memberships, just info.

All I ask is this: forward it onto a few of your friends who love good food. 

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opening at the old Parts & Labor space

Per their social media, the incredible butcher and general store in Cockeysville, John Brown, is opening a restaurant in the old Parts & Labor space on Howard Street in Remington. To say I am excited is ONE MILLION times an understatement. Seawall (R. House, Union Collective, etc...) has been looking for the perfect tenant for a while now and I'm so happy it's JBGB. The care they take with whole animal butchery, the fact that they work with local farmers and purveyors and create some delicious prepared foods (which I can never get up Falls Road for...) are just a few reasons I am happy about this. Five minutes from my house, even better. A great thing for Baltimore City. 
for outdoor and limited indoor service
La Cuchara will be reopening for outdoor and limited indoor dining on Friday 3/12/21. To book a reservation click here. or call the restaurant 443-708-3838. 

From La Cuchara: "For those not quite ready to dine out, we will be offering ‘to go’ food with many of our old favorites. Though we will not have the online marketplace anymore, if you are looking for fresh seafood to cook at home or our house made breads, please call or email us and we will do our best to accommodate requests."

So, this is the last week of their absolutely wonderful
Marketplace. Place your orders by Friday for pickup on Saturday. I know I will!
Weekend Marketplace Pickups Every Saturday
While they are not open for in-person dining at the moment, Gunther & Co. in Canton -- which is run by two of the nicest people -- has a weekend marketplace with meal kits, prepared dishes, desserts (I'm eyeing up the dairy-free chocolate sorbet), cocktails and more. HERE is the menu. It changes weekly and this week's menu looks very good.

And, per co-owner Nancy Hart Trice, their beautiful patio will be opening soon and it will be even be a little bigger. Follow them to stay in the loop. 

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T​hank you for supporting Baltimore City businesses! 


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