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This time around, a favorite photo I'm sharing is one to get you ready for fall cooking. All the cozy soups, braised veggies and meats, comfort foods. Yes, it is TIME. This simple and flavorful beef stew is a recipe from Jenn Segal and Once Upon a Chef. It is the #1 rated recipe of all time on her site! (There are 4,000+ four-star reviews.) Highly rec you add this to your winter supper rotation. Make it ahead, it gets better as it hangs out in the fridge. 
Grand View Farm hosting Uncle's Hawaiian Grindz
The folks at Grand View Farm are hosting a luau on Friday, September 29!

The menu will be prepared by Uncle's Hawaiian Grindz, a popular Polynesian restaurant in Bel Air, Maryland. The buffet-style event will feature a roasted whole pig, BBQ chicken, sticky rice, mac salad, stir fry vegetables and Poly salad. Each ticket also includes one Mai Tai. Guests will also be able to purchase beer, wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Grand View is a working farm in Fallston, Maryland, not far from where I grew up. It's beautiful out there and you get to take the relaxing, winding route through Dulaney Valley, Hydes and Baldwin, up to Pleasantville Road. A really lovely drive. 

Purchase tickets HERE.
Dutch Courage's Kim Vo is a National Semifinalist
                                                                                                                Photo cred: Shannon Sturgis
                                                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Kim Vo
​​Last month, Punch announced the list of bartenders from all around the US who are semifinalists for New Bartenders of the Year. I was so stoked to see Kim Vo of Dutch Courage on that list – congrats Kim! Also great to see Tammy Bouma, formerly of the Bluebird, on the semifinal list, too. Go, Bmore.  

The winners will be announced October 10.

See the full list HERE.

You need to have the soft serve at JBGB's
My friend and I had a very good dinner a few weeks ago at JBGB's (for those new to this place, it's in the former Parts & Labor space on Howard Street). We were very excited, knowing that one of us would likely get the smash burger and also the idea of pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven was mighty enticing. That char, those leopard spots! We started with a cocktail, NA for her...booze for me. Both were very nice. It bears mentioning that at JBGB's they use bourbon for their espresso martini and I have to say, I LOVED it. 

We split roasted carrots, the burger and fries and the mushroom pizza. Everything was prepared perfectly. Then we decided to split the soft serve ice cream. Now, mind you, I have been trying to get to JBGB's for their housemade soft serve for a long time. I mean, thinking, dreaming, scheming...to no avail, until now. It was incredible – says the girl who rarely orders dessert. The flavors that night were coffee and vanilla and we went for a swirl with both. Just sweet enough, great texture, very comforting. The folks at the table next to us confessed that they visit JBGB's a few times a week, mainly so they can have the soft serve.

Home run, fellas. 
Hoping his leukemia fight will inspire you to help others
                                                                                                                  Photo cred: Old Westminster Winery
                                                                                                                 Photo cred:  Old Westminster Winery
                                                                                                                             Selfie by Drew
A few weeks ago, I had a great visit with my friend, Drew at his home, Burnt Hill Farm, in Clarksburg, Maryland. You may know about Drew and his family's business, Old Westminster Winery. You might also know that Drew is fighting a brutal battle with leukemia.

When I made plans for our visit, I didn't go thinking I'd write anything, just thought it'd be a nice catch up with my friend. But it became clear that I should write something. Drew is truly inspiring. 
As I started writing the caption for an Instagram post a few days later, I wrote and wrote – and ran out of room. So, I decided the IG post needed to be an actual blog post. There was more to say. Read it HERE

FYI: September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and Old Westminster is donating $1 for every bottle of wine sold to Be The Match all month long.
Lori Yanke of John Brown General & Butchery
                                                                  Photo cred: Colin Marshall / John Brown General and Butchery
My latest Baker's Dozen features super talented – and nice! – butcher Lori Yanke.

In these writeups, I've included chefs and coffee folks, restaurant GMs, makers and there are  more are coming down the pike. T
his project has given me so much JOY. And pride. Pride for Baltimore, for food, for service, for this great city.

Lori Yanke is a quiet force. She's one of those behind-the-scenes people putting in work. As I did a little research for this piece, I learned that Lori made the first really, really good charcuterie I ever had – 10+ years ago at Bluegrass Tavern. And since then she's perfected her craft and then some. She's been at John Brown General & Butchery (out Falls Road) since 2018 and every time I make my way out there, I'm blown away by the quality, resourcefulness and creativity of Lori and her fellow butchers.

Needless to say, if you or someone you love enjoys meat, you have to hit up John Brown Butchery and see what they've got fresh that day. Even though I get tired of the words curated and sustainable, they hit the mark here. No junk, no waste, just well-sourced meats and handcrafted goodness. GO!
All past newsletters are available on my website: HERE.
Baker's Dozen features are on my site, too: HERE.

A nice little note to share: I ran into an friend I hadn't seen in a million years and she exuberantly informed me that she has made my mom's crab soup "so many times" and no matter who she makes it for, they all love it. This nearly made me cry – thank you. Ann. If you need an easy and delicious crowd pleaser, you should try it. HERE is the recipe. (Plus more simple and delicious things on the Recipes + Cooking page on my site!)

Will you please do something for me? Now, a few years after being hacked and seemingly selling bitcoin (haha, nope), I am finally feeling back on my feet on social media. And while I do not want to develop a big following again, I am hoping to get some of my former local  followers back. The more followers, the more I can highlight great restaurants, bars and more in the city. So, if you are not aware of my new (old) IG handle @charmcitycook, will you please give it a follow? Merci, merci!

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Amy Langrehr
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