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June 18th, 2023

Upcoming Events at a Glance:

June 19th: No School, Juneteenth
June 20th: 8th Grade Field Trip and Move up Ceremony 
June 20th and June 21st: Yearbook handout
June 21st.: Laptop roll-in
June 22nd: All School Fun Day!!
June 23rd: Last Day of School/half day
September 5th: First Day of School


Last Issue of 2022-2023
Hello Grizzlies! The RMS community celebrates the last day on Friday June 23rd.and what a year it has been! This is the last edition of Bear Tracks for the 2022-2023 school year.

Bear Tracks Newsletter will resume publication in August 2023!

Please keep an eye out over the summer for email communications about PTSA and school start-up information.

You can also visit rmsptsa.org for information about our organization and events for the next school year.

For families, friends, students and staff members that are leaving RMS, we are sad to say goodbye but wish you the very best in your new schools! Congratulations to all the RMS 8th Graders who are moving on to high school! For incoming Grizzlies, we look forward to getting to know you next year! 
 PTSA Appreciates You! 
PTSA Members: Thank you to all our RMS PTSA Members this year. Every member is important to keeping our school running.
Please remember to join next year - either at RMS PTSA, or if you're moving on to RHS, at RHS PTSA.

PTSA Board / Chairs / Volunteers: A very special thank you goes to those on the RMS PTSA Board, Committee Chairs, and volunteers who do amazing work. We are a stronger and better community because of the time and support you give!

RMS Staff: To all the RMS Staff this year, thank you to a very special group of dedicated educators and staff members who supported our students. We sincerely appreciate you and your efforts!


Families can sign up for 2022-2023 After School Athletics at Redmond Middle School via Final Forms once registration for the 22-23 school year is open in August. For fees, dates, and the list of sports offered, please visit the RMS Athletics website.
School offices will be closed for the month of July. Keep an eye out for information on when they will reopen in August.



The You Be The Chemist (YBTC) Challenge’s national event was held in Houston, TX from Jun 11 - 14.

A parent-led team from Redmond Middle School, comprised of Advait Badrish, Katherine Liu, and Shreyas Rathi, placed second at the competition.

The team’s proposed idea at the challenge was on the topic of Artificial Photosynthesis.

The YBTC competition began in October 2022, where students had to make a video showcasing a sustainable start-up to solve a future problem using forces in chemistry.

The team from RMS submitted an idea based on Artificial Photosynthesis. They also had to participate in a regional challenge answering timed multiple-choice and short-answer questions.

They emerged as the top team from Washington state. In addition, they were among the top 5 teams chosen to attend the National Finals at Houston.

The team achieved second place at the nationals after pitching their company, requesting funding, and tackling tough questions from a panel of judges.

The team won an $8,000 scholarship for college, university, or trade certifications. 
DESTINATION IMAGINATION The ultimate educational experience In a time where STEM skills are an integral part of every industry.

It is also important for our children to embody 21st century skills like collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and resilience as they progress to their future careers and identify their passions.

Through Destination Imagination (DI), students are provided fun, hands-on educational experiences engaging young learners and empowering them to succeed creatively.

DI, a global non-profit program, offers students with a project-based learning experience that applies the creative process to seven different challenge types – Technical, Engineering, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Service Learning, and Early Learning.

It allows students to acquire skills needed to thrive in school, the workplace, and beyond.

DI is committed to providing students with new and exciting experiences that allow them to explore their interests and passions.

For information about DI and how we can bring DI to RMS in collaboration with the PTSA, please contact: Karen Hernan – DI team manager and RMS parent
Shirish Vaidya – DI Regional Director
Larissa Sambotin – Current DI team member
Find us on social media: Instagram: wastatedi
Facebook: Destination Imagination- Washington State
Actions We Can Take Today to Protect Our Health and Future
The world's climate experts recently published their 6th Assessment Report (IPCC 2023) in which they warn, "The choices and actions implemented in this decade will have impacts now and for thousands of years." 
Redmond has joined a growing coalition of communities making meaningful change while also saving money and improving our health and lives!

Did you know that the majority of our harmful heat-trapping pollution comes from how we heat/cool our buildings or commute to work/school? Here's what we can do:

- Utilize the many incentives available for upgrades to cleaner, healthier, and more efficient buildings and vehicles.

- Sign up for Redmond's Energy Smart Eastside webinars June-Sept.

- Take the Eastside Climate Challenge today (help the RMS community group reach #1).

Together, we can build a better future for our families!
This summer the City of Redmond will be having workshops and events throughout the community to talk about changes to Redmond's neighborhoods that would allow more community members to access goods and services with a short walk from their home.
Learn more about complete communities.

Check the calendar and stop by and share your thoughts on what would be a nice addition to your neighborhood. We have several events scheduled!
Complete our questionnaire to share your ideas.

Add to our map for where you want to see change in your neighborhood.



We are still looking for some help for next year.

If you are interested in joining the RMS PTSA board or chairing a role, we are looking for a Staff Support Director, Vice President, Math Club Chair, and More!

Please email president@rmsptsa.org if you are interested.

Dear 8th Grade Students and Families,

The following information was shared in paper form with 8th graders Friday 6/2nd through their Social Studies classes.

As the year draws to a close, our 8th graders are ready to move forward to the next level in their education. We are excited to announce two events on Tuesday, June 20th, just for our 8th graders: the 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony and the 8th Grade Field Trip.

The Moving Up Ceremony recognizes students’ passage from middle school to high school and will take place on Tuesday, June 20th from 6:30-7:30pm in the Redmond Middle School gymnasium.  

Earlier on the same day, Tuesday, June 20th, in celebration of our class the 8th grade students will be having a field trip. This will fill most of the school day. Students will be bused to Bella Bottega for a private screening of the new PG rated Pixar movie “Elemental.”

Upon our return to school, there will be a catered luncheon from Agave. 
These will be two enjoyable events filled with fun, laughter, and lasting memories. 
Please read the following information about these events carefully.
8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony: All 8th graders will be honored at a ceremony on Tuesday, June 20th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the RMS Gymnasium. This event will recognize and celebrate the 8th grade class. It’s hard to see such a fun group of kids move on, but we are proud of all they have accomplished here at RMS.
  • The ceremony will last approximately one hour.
  • It has been a tradition for students to dress up for this event, though this is not a requirement.  
8th Grade Field Trip: Bella Bottega & Luncheon: Tuesday, June 20th. Field trip to Bella Bottega for a private screening of the Pixar movie, “Elemental”, followed by catered luncheon from Agave at RMS.
  • The price for the field trip is $40 per student and includes bus transportation, movie ticket, concessions (drink and popcorn), and lunch catered by Agave. Payment is due by Wednesday, June 14th, and can be made online by going to the Online Payment Portal: https://wa-lakewashington.intouchreceipting.com/. Cash or a check made payable to Redmond Middle School is also acceptable. Bring these to Ms. Tsognyi at the ASB/Attendance window. Scholarships are available. Please reach out to your student’s counselor to request support.
  • TIME/DATE: The field trip will be Tuesday, June 20th.  The buses will depart from RMS in two groups, with the first group leaving at 9:45am. We will be back on campus by 12:45pm with lunch to start upon our return.
  • We will rehearse for the Moving Up Ceremony prior to departing for the movie.
  • DRESS: Students are asked to dress casually and comfortably for the field trip. Students should not bring backpacks or large bags. Backpacks will be left secured in locked classrooms at school. 
  • PERMISSION SLIP: A copy of the Field Trip Permission form is attached.  This must be signed and returned to your student’s Social Studies teacher by Wednesday, June 14th. There will be no extensions beyond this date.  
  • Eligibility: Students are required to come to school ON TIME on June 20, 2023 for attendance purposes. Students must ride bus transportation to and from the event.  Attached is a copy of the informational letter and the field trip permission slip. This slip needs to be completed and returned to your student's Social Studies teacher. 
  • Any 8th grader who demonstrates conduct in violation of the Redmond Middle School Student Handbook may be uninvited for the field trip. Refunds will not be given. These events will be a great deal of fun, and it is a very special opportunity to get together and celebrate. Students, plan now to join us for an exciting and memorable time! 
Thank you, The RMS Eighth Grade Team.
Complete neighborhoods are neighborhoods where you can meet all your basic needs by walking or rolling close to your home.

Where can we find complete neighborhoods in Redmond now?
How can we make more of Redmond complete over the next thirty years?

Stop by an upcoming event with Redmond 2050 staff to learn, share, and play games to plan for the future of Redmond.

A kids entertainment area and snacks will be available.
Learn more about Redmond 2050 here.
  • Wednesday, June 21, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Redmond City Hall 15670 NE 85th Street
Pease help our wonderful staff get the supplies and items they need to make this year a success for our students!!! Please go to the links below to purchase items from Amazon that each department has added to their wish lists. Purchased items will be delivered and distributed to the appropriate staff members and departments!! Thanks so much for supporting our amazing staff and students at RMS!!!!

Buy something from the Admin, Office, and Support Staff Wish List 
Buy something from the Counselors and Library Wish List  
Buy something from the ELA Wish List  
Buy something from the Electives Wish List  
Buy something from the IAs and Paras Wish List 
Buy something from the Interventionists Wish List  
Buy something from the Languages and Music Wish List 
Buy something from the Math Wish List  
Buy something from the PE and Health Wish List  
Buy something from the Science Wish List  
Buy something from the Social Studies Wish List  

If you have any questions please contact Kelly O'Brien at staffappreciation@rmsptsa.org.

Did you know that anyone can donate directly to our "Bear Paw Fund"? You, your family, friends, and neighbors can all donate to help our students; membership to the RMS PTSA is not required. Please share the link below! Thank you to do those that have donated already this year to the RMS PTSA!

Direct Donation Link: https://rmsptsa.org/Page/PTSA/Donate

Corporate/Employer Matching DOUBLE your donations too if your company offers employer matching! Don't forget to go to your company's giving website and report your RMS PTSA donation.

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