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This past Friday, my friend Jess and I went out and ended the night with Negronis on the patio at De Kleine Duivel. Can't wait to eat some food there next time. The owners (Bluebird) are the nicest. 

I've been trying to improve my website for a while now. Like, years. But I was never able to really get it together on my own. I asked a friend of mine if she could help, but she wasn't able to do it...but she recommended a great local design company, Moondog Development. And not only did Jess and Matt help me zhuzh up my site, they also have given me great instructions (complete with how-to videos!) on how to maintain some of the new elements. 

I hesitated to commit to redoing my website it (and spending money on it) because it's not monetized. I don't sell ads, I don't really have time for SEO or anything else really. I am very easily distracted, so it's just best for me to focus my time and attention on my full-time job. Otherwise, everything gets fuzzy and overwhelming. I know myself very well.

Recently, someone reminded me about the beauty of having a hobby. That honestly had never occurred to me. Everyone talks about hustles but not hobbies. (Thank you, Julia!) I love that I can simply make my food stuff a hobby, make it fun. No pressure. 

So, here's my hobby. And my new website! Please try and view it on a computer and also make sure you visit all of the pages for new and improved content. The Q&A section is my favorite new part. I am so happy with it and I hope you like it, too. Please USE IT and share it. 

I hope you have a great week!

Amy Langrehr
Charm City Cook
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