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eNews September 2023

We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

“What results from this inner awareness, this holy work, this spiritual journey, is a huge sense of freedom. This ability to transform our restless, unredeemed instincts is a hard-won prize. A lot of dying to one’s vain ego, to the need to be approved, to the imperative to success, must be done. There is no cheap grace, no discount resurrection."
- Daniel J.O’Leary, Prism of Love
From Victoria's Desk
Ora et Labora

My daily prayer is to strive, like Cynthia Bourgealt states in her book My Theology: 

"The first and most distinguishing characteristic of my work is that it's practiced-based. By this I mean that everything I think, know, or write about emerges out of a daily rule of life grounded in the classic Benedictine rhythm of ora et labora, 'prayer and work' anchored by two daily periods of sitting meditation, morning and evening." I believe that prayer allows us to surrender to God and rest within the joys and suffering of the world, our joys and suffering. We come to understand nonduality as the reality of "our".

Beginning in September, St. James Centering Prayer Group will be reading Cynthia's book noted above and opening our study time via ZOOM to our Chapter.  

If you are interested, and would like to be added to our ZOOM Invite, please contact me:

Save the date:  November 4th, 2023.  COP is hosting a Visioning Day Retreat of prayer, reflection, and creative faith sharing.  More details to follow in the October eNewsletter.
COP News
  • COP is looking for a new service team members, including treasurer. If you are interested in serving Contemplative Outreach, please contact us at

"A Gift of Life" - COP Monthly Enrichment Program Starts September 18
  The Gift of Life  -  Death & Dying , Life & Living     Thomas Keating with Carl Arico 
                                        Facilitated by Mary Broglie and Ruth Hofmann 
Centering Prayer, when it reaches the full consent to our nothingness, is the perfect preparation for death, because it is death - death of the false self and even the True Self has been transcended.

          The evenings will include:

          Centering Prayer-  20 minutes 
          1 Video Segment -   Segments are 15 - 20 minutes long 
          Group Reflection and Sharing 

Registration is required  -  Please email Mary -  to register or to ask questions about the program

The following video provides an introduction to the series. Just copy and paste. You may need to request permission, just go ahead and do so, and you will get permission soon: 
Upcoming Events and Retreats
Bethany Retreat Center 
Bethany Retreat Center offers a fascinating variety of opportunities for spiritual growth through retreats and other activities. For more information call 814-263-4855 or email
 Online Events
Contemplative Outreach Hawaii
Online Half Day Centering Prayer/Welcoming Prayer mini-retreat
1st Saturday of every month)

Next: October 7 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm  (EST) FREE Meeting ID: 921 8585 4158 Passcode: 730086

Website: Phone (628) 400-2644 Email:

All session are freely offered, donations are welcome, no registration is needed.
Living Flame Program

September 9 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm $60

The Living Flame Service Team is pleased to offer a one-time only
event to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the Living Flame program.
Each of the sessions are presented on Zoom in a five-hour retreat-like format. Each Living Flame 1 session includes: two periods of Centering Prayer, two presentation periods, Q&A, and small group sharing. Breaks and meal time will be included.

Dates:  2023: Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 4   2024 – Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mar. 2, Apr. 6
Time:  11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST (-5 UTC)      
Fee:  $60 USD May – August, 2023.  

Click here to register. Fee is due with registration. Number of participants will be limited.
Email Judy Sharer or phone +1-270-304-7684. You can read more about the program here in this brochure.
Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop

September 23 @ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

In this introductory workshop, you will learn the ancient method and principles of Centering Prayer practice in a quiet, reflective 
atmosphere. We will cover the history, psychology, and theology of the practice. Two prayer sessions and a question-and-answer session are included. This workshop is offered in person and via Zoom.
Centering Prayer as an 11th-Step Practice: Introductory Workshop

September 23 @ 10:00 am - 2:30 pm $25.00
This workshop is composed of four conferences, which will consider how a contemplative method like Centering Prayer—as part of an 11th Step practice—can help us develop emotional sobriety and genuine happiness. The conferences will be presented by members of Contemplative Outreach of Madison who each have many years of both 12-Step recovery and Centering Prayer practice and have been trained as Introductory workshop presenters by Contemplative Outreach.

This workshop is for people in 12-Step Recovery. $25 fee includes lunch and a book by Thomas Keating.
2023 Contemplative Prayer Summit
a two-day online retreat

September 23 - September 24
Join the Contemplative Prayer Summit, dedicated to deepening your spiritual practice. Unite with others in exploring the interplay of prayer and meditation, as we embark on a shared journey of spiritual growth and personal discovery. Join us as we explore:
  • early-bird $99
  • Information and Registration: click HERE
Upcoming Intensives
Holy Cross Monastery, New York:

8-day Post-Intensive Centering Prayer Retreat

  • September 12 - September 19
  • Location: near Poughkeepsie
  • For more Information: click HERE
Contemplative Outreach of
Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

Manifesting God: 4-Day Silent Retreat

  • October 12 - October 15
  • Location: near Cincinnati
  • For more Information: click HERE
Contemplative Outreach of
Maryland and Washington:
6-day Intensive & Post-Intensive
  • October 29 - November 3
  • Location: near Frederick
  • For more Information: click HERE
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Ongoing Programs and Resources
Logo COL Podcast
Opening Minds, Opening Hearts

This new podcast series from Contemplative Outreach is available on all podcast streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play) and on our
CO YouTube ChannelEach episode highlights Friends of Contemplative Outreach and their personal practice of Centering Prayer. You are invited to listen as our guests share insights about the teachings of Thomas Keating, how the practice impacts their work in the world and their thoughts about how Centering Prayer connects to the living traditions of contemplation and meditation.
Logo Word of the Week
Word of the Week

A free program offered by Contemplative Outreach.  A short message is sent each Sunday, which includes an image, Scripture, reflections and suggested practices followed by two weekly prayer groups for practice in community.
Spiral Staircase
Online Courses from Contemplative Outreach

Contemplative Outreach offers many online programs. Attending a workshop, a retreat, an online Centering Prayer group or participating in an online course with a global community is a great way of deepening one’s relationship with God and the experience of living a contemplative life. 
COP Resources: Books & Lending Library
Picture Desk with Notebook
Special Price on Books: Each for only $10 plus postage
  • Invitation to Love and Open Mind Open Heart by Father Keating
  • A taste of silence by Fr. Carl Arico
  • Too deep for words: Rediscovering Lectio Divina, with 500 scripture texts, by Thomas Hall
  • Centering Prayer and inner awakening by Cynthia Bourgeault
Lending Library
  • Click COP RESOURCES for a complete list of resources that can be borrowed from the COP library.
Please call or text your requests to Chris Volz at 412-779-8269 (you may leave a voice message) or send me an email at
For a complete list of the CO Theological Principles and Guidelines for Service,
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