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I wrote a blog post recently about some very helpful changes I've made in my life and you can read more HERE. One new thing? Lately, I really get a lot out of a clear counter. I used to let it get crowded and was lazy about tidying up...but, that's changed. It's not always like the photo (taken this morning) but it's not messy for more than a day or two. I think a lot of this has to do with feeling happier these days. So thankful for that. I've really been working.
Lexington Market has been slowly announcing confirmed vendors for the new market, some brand new and some existing market vendors. Two recently announced vendors that I'm pretty excited about? Trinacria and Ovenbird Bakery.

According to
The Baltimore Sun, Trinacria will keep their old (and fantastic!) original shop on Paca Street.

As for Ovenbird, I chatted with owner, Keiller Kyle via email this week and here's what he had to say:

"We will be shifting our production of bread and pastries into a 9,100 sq. ft. space in Highlandtown that will give us enough room to grow, bake, experiment, teach and collaborate. We will also have a retail area with seating in Highlandtown that will reflect
a bit of our family's heritage and aesthetic. As you know, we also will be opening a stall in Lexington Market as a retail outlet for all the hungry downtowners. Then, our Little Italy location becomes a neighborhood corner bakery as intended and gets rearranged to bring
in a few seats and inside space for people to get out of the weather!"

One thing I always try to do with my Instagram and this newsletter is highlight good people doing good work who I think you should support. It's as simple as that. Keiller is so nice and seriously, if you haven't been to Ovenbird, you are missing out! (Look at that bagel + lox)

Just this week, Food & Wine named Ovenbird as the best bread in Maryland. 

Check out the confirmed Lexington Market vendors HERE and follow Lexington Market on Instagram to stay in the loop as they announce more vendors. 
Pariah Brewing has landed in Baltimore. This new brewery has a familiar space to many Baltimoreans, as it's located at 1700 Union Avenue in the former home of Union Craft Brewing. (Where, incidentally, I had my 50th bday party!) Pariah Brewing seems — to me in my COVID homebody status — to have popped up very quickly. Super excited to go and visit soon. Their first location is in San Diego and their ownership has ties to Baltimore, so that's how they found their way to Charm City for brewery #2.

Now open. Go see them and give them a follow on IG at @pariahbrewingco.

HERE is my latest list of Baltimore restaurants with outdoor dining. On it, you will see which ones have heaters and are covered. I am updating the list all the time and if you see something that is incorrect, please drop me a line. 

Right now, it's pretty darn cold. So, check with the restaurant before you go to see what their seating situation. Please call them, no DMs via social media. For example, I had planned to eat outside at La Cuchara last weekend, but they called to ask if I really wanted to sit outside in 20 degrees. Even if I did want to sit outside at that point (I did not) it would not be fair to ask their servers to go in and out of the cold simply to serve my friends and me. We sat inside at a table that was not near other guests and it felt okay to me. Our meal was incredible, by the way! While I will continue to seek outdoor seating as my first choice, but I know it may not be an option until we get a little closer to spring.

Til then, takeout is always a great way to support your faves. If you need ideas for places to order from, take a look at this past post all about takeout. And, kids' faves HERE
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