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ggoma supper club 
Did you ever go to the popup Demi downstairs inside Crush? (You know, the space that was the former Hess Shoe Store and a million other things...) Demi was amazing. Pretty sure it was my first chef's counter sort of experience. I remember sitting there with my friend Susan watching Tae and his sous chef prep and create the most beautiful and delicious small plates. I thought about that experience for a long time. Demi ran from about 2012-13 and I was sad when it ended, even though I knew it would be temporary.

Since then, Tae's been working in some incredible kitchens like The Progress in California and Momofuku in DC and he's also been doing some private cooking and thinking, planning and dreaming of his next place -- his own place. In June, Tae is doing a popup called
ggoma supper club (ggoma means "little" in Korean). The first one is Sunday, June 12 at Foraged. Tae says it will be a small group, no more than about 20 guests.

More info and tickets HERE. And the ggoma website HERE.
Brunch spot coming soon
Let's Brunch Cafe has signed on at the former Dizz location in Remington. According to the website, the hours of their South Carolina location are 7:00am – 9:00pm so it sounds like brinner is a possibilty! More HERE.
Closing on Greenmount Avenue
This is such a bummer. Bottoms Up Bagels has announced that they are "pausing operations indefinitely" at the "Bub Hub", their neighborhood gem Greenmount Avenue. Leaving their future plans open-ended in communications, BUB fans are certainly hopeful to see some other new project from these wonderful folks.
Monthly wine selections
I have ordered 4-pks of wines from Lane Harlan (Clavel, WC Harlan, Fadensonnen) at Angels Ate Lemons a couple of times now. And I am never disappointed in the wines she has chosen for me. You can add tasting notes and preferences when you place your order. Check out the link HERE and place an order online. You can do it monthly or simply drop Lane a line when you need wine, want to try something new and need a little help. Highly recommend this. Self care!
Natural wine from all over
Three years ago, the Baker siblings of Old Westminster Winery -- Drew, Lisa and Ashli -- debuted their Summer Solstice Festival "in a giant circus tent atop a wild hillside." I was there and that is some hilltop! Burnt Hill is their newest vineyard site in Clarksburg, Maryland and it's quite beautiful. Highly recommend this festival if you are into learning about new and different wines and approaches to winemaking. 

More info and tickets

A little over a month ago, Drew Baker was diagnosed with leukemia and has been in very intense treatment at Hopkins. Follow along on his
Instagram to give him some encouragement and stay up-to-date on his journey. Drew, I am sending you the biggest hug ever, my friend!
May 24 No Kid Hungry Fundraiser
The Gunther & Co. crew has long supported No Kid Hungry, a national non-profit organization which is dedicated to kids and food insecurity. Chef Jerry Trice of Gunther just completed another No Kid Hungry Chefs Cycle ride in California this past week!

Now, you can congratulate Jerry and help Gunther raise more money for NKH.

This Tuesday 5/24, a portion of the proceeds from all dine-in meals will go to Chefs Cycle. I have to add that Jerry and Nancy Trice – co-owners of Gunther & Co -- are two of the hardest working, kindest people in the restaurant industry. Please go and support these folks or if you can't make it on Tuesday, make a donation HERE.
My latest favorite takeout place is Maiwand Grill (Afghan) – on Baltimore St, between Eutaw and Howard. My favorite dish I've had so far is the Potato and Green Pea Curry over Rice, pictured above. But everything I've gotten has been very good!
So...moving, not moving? 
I have hesitated to even write about the possibility of The Prime Rib moving out of Mt. Vernon up to Cross Keys, but I am asked about it a lot. The validity of "the worst kept secret in Baltimore" still seems to be unclear at this point. 

One day, I'm hearing from a pretty strong source that I should "Go now, they are for sure moving soon." And then, another industry friend says, "Nope, they're staying, I heard it from a reliable source. It's not happening." I have absolutely no idea what will happen, if anything at all. But just in case, after having a particularly bad day a few weeks ago, I went to The Prime Rib for dinner with a good friend and my bad day melted away. The martini and the piano helped.

There is nothing like The Prime Rib. I honestly don't care if they move or not. Go, sit at the bar. My favorite thing is to go with a pal and start with a cocktail, then, split the potato skins and the burger with a glass of wine and if the mood hits, split the ice cream sundae. Old school greatness right there. Best people watching in Charm City. Treat yourself. ps. If you happen to not eat meat, the night I went there were three beautiful fish entrees on the menu. Free valet!

Photo cred: Bmore Media
Steak frites spot coming soon
DC Steak frites spot opening at The Rotunda. STEAK FRITES, she said! 
Our Time Kitchen is a safe, affordable commercial kitchen in Old Goucher created by Baltimore chefs Cat Smith and Kiah Gibian and it's opening soon. Commercial kitchens are often hard to find and rental costs can be prohibitive for many cooks and chefs. Add onto that the challenges faced by the BIPOC women, LGBTQIA+ and immigrant communities, and it can feel impossible. Chef Cat and Chef Kiah are working to change that.

Learn more HERE.

Photo cred: Our Time Kitchen Instagram
taking over iconic Cafe Hon space
I have received many, many texts and DMs asking what I know about this. As if Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf are going to tell me – or that I would ask them – they are very busy people! But, whatever it is, I am very excited, let's just say that. HERE is more from (the fabulous) Lauren Cohen of Baltimore Magazine.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Denise Whiting for paving the way for the current Hampden business community. She worked so hard, employed great people over the years and Cafe Hon / Hon Bar served as a community hub for many years. I always loved a Resurrection draft and freshly shucked oysters on a Friday night. Thank you, Denise.

Photo cred: Ali Eminov
I sort of fell into the influencer world. By this, I mean that I never intended to gain a following. I just got really into cooking and started sharing what I was learning via Instagram, I guess that was around 2012. Then lots of restaurants started to open. 

Over the next few years, food Instagram became a bigger thing and gradually, as my following grew and my profile was raised, I started getting invited to lots of tastings, dinners, previews and other events. Baltimore’s food scene was exploding and it was fun to be a part of the city's growth. Being an avid home cook, having the opportunity to meet and talk with the people who create such incredible food was extraordinary. (I nerded out a lot.)

Then, the influencer world began to change. The focus was slowly shifting to the influencers themselves and less so on the restaurants and I knew it was time for me to bow out. But, of course, I still loved food and restaurants, and had a huge amount of respect for the work that goes into creating experiences for guests. Front of house, back of house – all of it. 

So many people I've met through food and hospitality over the last 10 years are actual real-life friends of mine now. Chefs, bartenders, PR people, restaurant owners, farmers, food producers and lots more. I'm so thankful for these relationships. To me, this industry is first and foremost about people. Now, years later, these are my people, still. That is very, very special.

I guess my whole point here is that if not for my time in the influencer scene, I would have missed out on meeting these great people and experiencing all that I did. I'm very lucky.

With this week's extremely disappointing Senate vote on the restoration of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, it is more important than ever to support our local restaurants – I cannot stress that point enough. Think about your favorites, the places you would be heartbroken to lose and support them as much as you can! I'm so sad to say that we will be seeing more restaurant closures. 
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Now that outdoor dining weather is here, make some plans and GO OUT! Need ideas? HERE is my Dining Guide. Also, try and make reservations – that helps the restaurant a lot.

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